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Everything We Learned From The Entertainment Weekly Gilmore Girls Cover Story


We were all blessed with a Gilmore cover story last week – I rushed out, bought it, and then devoured every word so you wouldn’t have to. When I finally stopped crying, I compiled some of the best bits below.

  • Amy & Dan hate spoilers and are keeping everything under wraps – though a fan tweeted a prop labelled wedding and the actor who plays Taylor said on a podcast that one of Rory’s exes has an edge on ending up with her…do with that what you will – cough #teamLogan)
  • The action takes place 8 years after season 7
  • Amy still hasn’t watched it but nothing in the revival contradicts what happened in that season we all pretend doesn’t exist.
  • Amy and Dan each wrote and directed 2 of the mini movies
  • The article casually refers to Luke as Lorelai’s fiancé, which made me very happy
  • Richard’s death will be felt throughout the whole series – Kelly Bishop recounts a day on set where the lights went out briefly while they were shooting near a portrait of Richard in the Gilmore house. Her & Lauren both attributed it to Edward Herman saying hello/giving his blessing
  • The show will start with Winter and end on Fall
  • At the start, L&L still aren’t married, Rory has had only one article published and is living a vagabond life

Source: Entertainment Weekly
  • At the time of publication, Melissa McCarthy wasn’t confirmed to come back to Stars Hollow but since then she’s confirmed that SHE WILL ALSO BE BACK!
  • Almost everyone else is coming back to the series, Hep Alien, The Life & Death Brigade, all of Rory’s exes, Christopher, Kirk, Taylor, Babette, Miss Patty, Jackson, the town troubadour, Paul Anka (the dog), Paris! Doyle! April Nardini (smh), Lane! Mrs. Kim! There are also new cast members including Sutton Foster and a Mae Whitman cameo.
  • THE LAST FOUR WORDS! It’s almost an urban legend that ASP had planned 4 words to end the series with before she was ousted from the show after season 6. Now she gets to end her series exactly the way she wanted. Only a select few know what the words will be, including Lauren and Alexis. Lauren is quoted saying that the words aren’t actually a definitive ending; with Alexis adding that they “threw her.”
  • The last four words are also a dialogue between 2 people. My theory has always been that it’s a scene between Lorelai & Rory at Lukes Diner, like the one in the pilot episode and that the words are something like:
    • L: more coffee!
    • R: & pie!
  • (But I’m not ASP so the words are probably better)
  • Amy & Dan were worried about the cast being able to get back into the speed of the dialogue but Scott Patterson (Luke) says that once he stepped onto the set of the diner, everything fell back into place.
  • The EW article has a great segment on what everyone in the cast has been up to since they wrapped as well as a timeline with summaries for each season. They’ve also picked the best episode of each season (most choices are accurate, and it’s so hard to pick just one)

Now excuse me while I ignore all my responsibilities and binge the series from the start!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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