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Orphan Black – Season 4 Episode 1 LIVEBLOG

Alright kids. We’re back. Orphan Black is BACK and golly-geeeeee I am so excited to have something to give me meaning again.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

To be fair, I’m hoping this season changes course. By and far, the Castor boy subplot was my least favorite, and I felt like the military thing of last season was going to kill me.

However, we’re supposedly heading back into the Neolution direction, and I can’t imagine how, but Tatiana’s going to be cracking into some new clones. I want more Allison, I want more Rachel, and I want more Allison. Did I say Allison twice?

Okay.  Under the cut is my LIVE response to Season 4, epiosde ONE. Season Premiere!

Let’s do this.

recap including Beth

alright we’re going way back

Maggie Chen mentions


oh shit the bug things I forgot about this

Sarah and her Kira are in Antarctica.

RECAP over the sheep mask from the promos is here

Sheep mask walking through the woods at night!

Spying on some people…..who are burying a body.

Alright so we’re in it

oh god they’re making out over the dead body what kind of

Sheep mask made a noise and they are looking for her oh my god

they’re EMS people btw

she left a tiny little bear sticker on the tree

now a phone is ringing.

Beth is getting a phone call, from Sheep mask!

Sheep mask???????? Knows something. Theory is she’s a clone.

Sheep mask sent some coordinates

Uh oh, beth is snorting some prescriptions

Paul is very shirtless and it’s upsetting he’s too perfect


Ok Sheep Mask is a clone I was right


Opening theme should just say “Tatiana Maslay” over and over lol

Alright so Beth is at the crime scene where the two EMS people were burying the body

The body is missing his cheek

and there’s lots of tattoos and the dude is wearing a white eye contact

NEOOOOLUUTIIOONN yeah yes yes alright yes

Cosmina is calling and AW talking about Allison and she’s switching schools

Wow I’ve missed these Clones golly

BETH and ART having some real talk.



this weird shoe-horning in other characters is like cool I guess?

when it’s relevant but how was Felix relevant

sorry I’m complaining let’s talk to bae Raj about stuff

Beth is going to borrow some surveillance stuff to spy on Paul I don’t blame ya sugar he’s a SPY you gotta SPY on SPIES

Other cops seem concerned about Beth

Okay we’re at a trailer…to visit mask clone! Who name is MK.

Either this trailer is attached to a building or this a huuuuge trailer

she’s facetiming with this new clone. MK knows about Neolution and the bugs, and says there’s a bunch of spies in Beth’s life. MK has a thick accent.

MK, or Mika, hasn’t met the other clones and doesn’t want to. Beth is the only one that knows about MK, which means when Beth died so did MK’s contact.

Olivia (Oli-vee-ay) dude with the tail is getting fitted for pants.

Beth is having a long conversation with a pregnant Neolution girl. She took the Neolution book written by Leekie who, we later find out, is the head honcho for all this clone business

so much foreshadowing??

ALLISON wants to SHOOT a gun, and is talking to Beth. She sent a package via Flower Delivery that’s so Allison.

There’s a bottle of something and a few pills

TOODLES oh god I missed you Allison

Leekie is also back. Man we’re shaking down some old people.

Leekie is at an event talking about the clone issue. And BETH just shows the fuck up

she doesn’t even know. She just wants some info and she doesn’t even KNOW he’s the head daddy! He’s in CHARGE of her life wow this is crazy this is nuts.

they’re chatting about his followers of Neolution.

Leekie says some deep shit and Beth is like ‘ok dude bye’

Oh no Beth is getting taken off the case?

A drug test too! Damn this isn’t Beth’s day.

Oh the bottle Allison gave her was clean piss alright then

Now Beth is setting up her home spy network to see what KENDOLLPAUL is up to.

Paul and Beth are having a long convo and it’s really good just ugh Tatiana is a goddess and BETH wants to fuqqqqq

Paul can’t do it and she doesn’t understand why he just won’t leave if he doesn’t love her


aiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m screaming

Beth is visiting Art’s apartment and says hey to his daughter. She just wants to chill

Beth and Art were having an affair, right? SO maybe that’s what this is

YES I’m right they’re gonna smooch and maybe more???????

The Neolution girl is calling Beth to say she’s worried about her boyfriend who left the club with a black girl and a white guy, who MK told us earlier are the murderers.

Awwww SHOOT there’s an ambulance in this alley. Beth is hunting down the EMS murderers on her own???

Some backroom surgery is going DOWN


There’s a third guy with them and it’s another cop!!!!!!!!! FRom BETH’S UNIT OH MY GOD


I think Beth just realized EVERYTHING is connected

they’re cutting off dudeboy’s cheek this is yuck


Beth made a noise and is now run run running

OH GOD she shot someone

and it wasn’t the right person she shot a lady

omfg it’s all connected that’s the lady from later oh MY god

The civilian she shot

oh man it’s Maggie Chen

Now it’s showing how Art helped her cover it up

And the detective helping her is the fucking JEFFERY DAHMER NEOLUTION DUDE ok ok yeah this is fucked

Oh good we’re back to Mika. Beth is visiting her.

Now Beth is stressing because it’s too dangerous for her clone sisters

OHH we jumped to Sarah and Kira. And MK is with Art and they’re all connected.

Neolution is going after SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GODDDDDDHHHHHHHHHH

ITS OVER????????


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