Is their something in my teeth? Photo Credit: The 100/CW​

The war of the world is all over Raven’s head, Raven who is a very smart person, is quickly turning into the most important person in the show. Jasper, Clarke and Raven find the cave that the other escapists are hold up in. They rush Raven in before she can see where she is at. She wakes up shortly afterwards, and A.L.I.E. tells her she doesn’t know where is and needs to see a landmark to go off of. Raven runs out trying to find something outside of the cave, it doesn’t work and she is given a shot to pass out. When Raven is passed out Clarke says that they need to move Raven because she knows where to get a wristband, the same type Raven was looking for to get A.L.I.E. out of her system.

Clarke knows to go to the trading outpost to find the wristband, Raven wakes up, goes stage 5 crazy, to try to escape to find out where she is. A.L.I.E. even goes as far as making Raven dislocate her shoulder and hurt her wrists to break free from her restraints. When that plan doesn’t work, she ends up channeling herself through Raven and starts talking crazy through Raven. She makes mention that their is no pain in the city of light.

When trying to play some mind tricks doesn’t work, A.L.I.E. realizes that they plan to use the plan Raven had to remove the AI from her system. To do that they would need a big electromagnetic charge, Raven tells A.L.I.E. the nearest place to get something like that would be the drop ship. So A.L.I.E. says that’s where they are going to go. The group was not in the room to realize what A.L.I.E. was up to.

Monte and Octavia went to retrieve the tech from the drop ship.. When Monte comes out Monte’s mother just happens to have found him. Monte is very skeptical, he asks her a simple question. He asks her what his father’s favorite color was. She refuses to answer saying they don’t have time, Monte knows that the tech is making her forget important memories, so he goes a step further and says it’s the color of her eyes. She still doesn’t have the answer, A.L.I.E. told Monte’s mother that he needs to take the pill so she can follow Monte back to Raven, she tries to push it on him and they get into a fight. Octavia who was making rounds goes to break up the fight, Octavia has her dead to rights, but Monte yells at her to stop. In that moment’s hesitation she Monte’s mother gets the upper hand on Octavia. Monte is forced to make a choice as Octavia is in trouble, Monte’s mother will not listen and Monte shoots her in the shoulder once to no response, so he aims and shoots and kills her in the heart. After the break you can see how distraught Octavia was over the situation, and how Monte kept saying it wasn’t her, she was already gone.

Meanwhile back at the trade post, A.L.I.E. via Raven keeps trying to push the buttons of everyone around her to get someone to crack, when she was grilling Bellamy she let it be known that he killed the father of the trade posts shop keeper. She got upset and stormed into the back room to confront him, when Raven and A.L.I.E. got a look of her they knew exactly where Raven was. When Monte and Octavia returns, A.L.I.E. does the calculations, she first realizes that they have enough pop to remove her from Raven’s system and that the others can’t get to the outpost in time. Since Raven knows way to much, A.L.I.E. tries to get Raven to commit suicide.

They are able to stop Raven, subdue her a bit, they try to run it and it doesn’t have enough power. So Monte and Bellamy go outside to get the battery from the rover, a drone finds their location which Bellamy shoots down. They know for sure that time is ticking and that they are found, they get it all set up and run it. Raven looks like she is badly hurt or about to die. Jordan got upset over the whole thing and tried to destroy the last piece that Clarke had, Clarke freaked out saying that it was Lexa, and then she realized she saw how it was removed. She goes over to Raven, cuts a slit in the back of her neck expecting something to come out. After awhile the blood turns black and thick and leaks out. It appears it was the last of the take over, Raven is starting to be herself again.

Knowing that Raven is safe, and they are going to be found soon they start to pack up to leave. Octavia, who earlier was looking like she was going to just go off rogue by herself, changed to more Sky Crew attire instead of Grounders. I think it was more so that Monte killed his own mother to protect her, one of the original 100 more so than losing Lincoln.


This outfit cost a battery powered lantern if you were wondering if you could afford it or not. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

As the group is gearing up and getting into the rover, someone asks Raven why A.L.I.E. wanted her to kill herself, Raven said it is because she knows to much. She knows why A.L.I.E. wants the other AI chip, because she knows it can defeat her. With that Octavia tells everyone that is what they will do, they all ended up surviving together for a reason, and it’s time to defeat A.L.I.E.