There are a lot of truths that are coming out about the Resolute. More importantly, it explains how they are able to travel such great distances. Remember when Maureen was asked to figure out how to travel at great speeds in season one and she thought it was all theoretical? She had questions but she quickly shoved them away because well they weren’t going to give her the information in the first place. They stole an alien and its engine and built the Resolute around them. They were able to build the Resolute because of Maureen. Now they are in a huge predicament following the visit to the Rust planet. This means the Robinsons will have to start a mutiny in order to save the people that are left on the Rust planet. Maureen has found a way to solve the issue of rust and save those 500 souls left on the planet. What she proposes may have hazardous consequences due to the size of the ship. The captain of the ship has advised against this because the end result could be the destruction of the ship and any hope of saving any other lives.

Since the crew can’t get Maureen to stand down, they go after John. The question of Will’s existence on the ship is brought up. Now, if you recall in the first season, Maureen sold some sensitive information to ensure sure her son’s place on the Resolute because he failed his testing. As it happens, she sold it to someone she inadvertently works with. He shares this information with John. No one knew that she did that. They proceed with bringing the Resolute into the atmosphere of a gas planet to obtain the materials they need to save everyone. The views are beautiful. The blackmailer, Hastings thinks that he can control the Robinson’s by going after the family. He obviously thinks that it won’t work. He thinks that she will release the rust virus on the ship and that will be the end of it. They are already taking in the gases they need. We know the Robinson’s won’t take that laying down. He then proceeds to lock John and Judy on their Jupiter.

So, John entrusts the information about Hastings to Smith. Who then runs into the real Dr, Smith’s family, she has been feeling quite guilty about killing him. Hastings has put in the codes and he is going to kill everyone unless he gets his way. Don is locked down there and Smith can’t get to the bridge. Then it hits Maureen. What she did for Will has come back to haunt her. She can’t change that now, so she will and all the Robinson’s will try to fix their problem. Will has no control over Robot, who is looking for his friend that is in danger. So no help from him.

Realizing that this is literally all her fault, but as a mother can you blame her. I would have done the same thing if it was in my power to do so. However, I would have changed the passwords once we were in orbit. How would he have told without incriminating himself? Meanwhile, Maureen manages to manually close the airlock by flying a pod outside of the ship. In order to correct her wrong, she had to give up the bridge. At this point, Hastings, thinking he won makes his way back to the bridge. Prepared to go along with his plan to leave everyone there, but the Captain tells him she is cleaning the water and getting everyone off the Rust planet.

Following Robot, he leads him to the friend he was talking about. It turns out to be Scarecrow, damaged and barely surviving in a container. With that Robot scoops up SAR and walks off with him, telling Will he is not helping them get home.