This week, Jimmy Kimmel Live hosted Teams Cap and Iron Man for final interviews before the premiere. Their time on Kimmel featured personal reactions from Evans, RDJ, and the rest of the cast, as well as some never-before-seen footage with Ant-Man and Agent 13.

Missed both nights of heroic shenanigans? We’ve got you..

Personal Trivia (Team Cap): Because we all suspected Chris Evans was an Aladdin fan.

Team Iron Man: Black Widow vs. Bucky!

A Snide Parody of the Election: Genius! 

RDJ Talks Spiderman’s Presence: It looks like we’ll be getting more Spidey than we initially thought. SO PUMPED.

Finally, on a somewhat related note, Benedict Cumberbatch’s giant face showed up on Wednesday to introduce the highly-anticipated Doctor Strange trailer.

That was some balloon animal. Also, how great does Tilda Swinton look as The Ancient One?

Stay tuned for more Civil War and Doctor Strange coverage as more footage is released!

Article Submitted by Rachel Hill