I still love these. Photo credit: Chips Ahoy!/Nabisco

Remember when your mom went to the store and said she got chocolate chip cookies and you were excited thinking you were going to get these delicious Nabisco Chips Ahoy!?

Yet you’re mom gets home and shows you these:


Yuck alert! Photo Credit: Market Pantry

That’s what Fear the Waking Dead is like. You hear Walking Dead and think you are getting Chips Ahoy! but yet you get Target store brand chocolate chip cookies instead.

The season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead was around the same time as the end of season 1. We are not quite sure if it has fast forwarded any days or just night time of the end of season 1. If I was to venture a guess at least one day has passed. Strand and party of the gang have made it to his yacht, while a group have stayed on the beach packing up and waiting for the smaller boat to come pick them up. We see that Los Angeles is getting pummeled by fire and we can imagine what led to that all over the city, bombing from some sort of Government agency.

The walkers are making the way to the coast and closing in on the group. They are going to have to start bashing the walkers while they wait for the boat to come back and get them. This leads to one of my first major qualms, if they are gathering items for some sort of trip, and by now know what is out there, you would think they would have grabbed some sort of blunt weapon instead of just what appears to be luggage of clothes. Nick returns with the small boat just in time to pick up the stragglers, Nick is able to get the early leader for walker kill of the season with a kill from the boat motor to the face.

Outside of this early action, their was not much to really talk about besides what happened at the end. People sat around, talked, not trusted each other for anything. A big talking point was what to do with Liza’s dead body, when they finally were having some words about her, Chris went full heel and just dumped the body overboard. You could tell he is not taking it well and it created some confused reactions from the rest of the group.

Like I have covered in depth last season, this group is a large write up for what not to do, this time Alicia Clark was the star in stupidity. She found the CB radio and was just chit chatting away with some unknown person. She wouldn’t stop talking to them, and ended up getting hoodwinked and gave up their position and what they were traveling in. They came up to a overturned boat, which we know was from Jack, the unseen boat pirate that Alicia was talking to most of the episode. Chris went on essentially a suicide swim, and Nick, still in grandpa’s get up, went in to save him. We see the boat that was close was all shot up, and we now know that walkers can swim.

We end with Jack and his pirates coming in hot towards Abigail.