Flash 502 1

Nora seeing Cicada for the first time. Photo courtesy of FlashTVNews.com.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “Blocked” and Events That Occurred Prior

“Please stop caring the about me.”

Well isn’t that a nice surprise. In episode two we’ve already had our big bad run-in with Team Flash and some alone time with him as well. It’s refreshing to see focus on our seasonal villain so soon and not have it dragged out—at least not yet. Also intriguing is this potential connection to Nora that Cicada has, suggesting that he may hail from the future as well. While Cicada Is certainly showing that he is a true threat, my interest in the character is still rather low. Only time will tell where the show will go with him and if Cicada can truly become a staple of Flash’s rogue gallery. One thing that I will say about Cicada, however, is how much I love the sound effects and musical cues that are used alongside him. They fit very well and add to his mysterious aura.

One of the weakest parts of the episode was how the show addressed the themes and messages that it was trying to relay. How did Barry not realize that Nora was trying to impress him? Why did it take a pep talk to realize this? It would be one of the first things to pop in my head about the whole situation. Furthermore, the actual addressing of this on screen was cringe-worthy writing at its finest—especially with it all building up to Nora’s cheesy one-liner as she finished off this week’s throwaway villain. Even Cisco’s journey came to a corny end.

Flash 502 2

Team Flash investigating the new Meta of the week. Photo courtesy of FlashTVNews.com.

When it came to Nora though, I will say that she had one of the coolest SFX action sequences to date. Despite another throwaway inconsequential villain, Nora’s victory moment looked fantastic. Jessica Kennedy Park remains a fun addition to the show. Her chemistry with Grant Gustin is great, and I’m sure it will be fun to watch their relationship continue to grow. However, as I alluded to earlier, most of the revelations made about the two of them this episode felt redundant, and were conclusions that you could have naturally made through common sense. Maybe if the writer’s had found a more natural and subtle way of Barry realizing that she just wants to impress, it would have been easier to take. Instead, they were overt and lazy with their approach.

Cisco’s storyline was also a hit or miss. Carlos Valdes  was great, giving us both a feel-bad performance mixed with great comedic beats. I could have done without the Ralph healing process—because let’s be real, who in their right mind would think that it would actually work? Oh yea…exposition queen Caitlyn, who by the end of the sub-plot made progress in the mystery of her father’s death certificate.  Back to Cisco though: I do like the fact that they’ve made his break-up (something that was probably unplanned) have weight to it and affect Cisco for more than just one episode.

Flash 502 3

Caitlyn and Cisco bonding at Jitters. Photo courtesy of FlashTVNews.com.

Iris was off doing her own thing, thanks to the writer’s giving her a clunky head start. Because the plot demanded it, Iris got her Gridlock lead “off the record” from the police captain. This led to Iris getting the first hints of Cicada and the threat he poses. While nothing super interesting happened, at the very least it was good of the show to give Iris something to do that was going to have importance going forward. I would have like them to go into her strained relationship with Nora, but I can see why the writer’s may want to let that slow cook a bit before serving it to us.

The fifth season’s second episode delivered our first official run-in with Cicada, the new big bad. It also gave us a really neat action sequence that looked quite impressive. While there are still some wrinkles that need to be ironed out, season five looks to be going in a better direction than four. We’ll have to see if the show can keep on the right track for the rest of the season.

Bonus Notes:
– Loving how red the new Flash suit is.
– Cecile’s storyline seems to not know what it wants to do yet. It’s not completely lost on me, but I’d like to see it make some strides soon.


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