Hello guys, welcome back at the #Shameless division on TGON.

I am really not sure what this episode’s main theme was, but certainly whichever of it was, I’m sure viewers didn’t have cared much! It had so much drama and laughter packed in it that you can easily forget the surroundings around you.

Starting from a little boring stuff – Fiona finds one of her tenants Mrs. Cardinal was dead in her apartment and she kind of gets attached to her after going through her stuff. Her death makes Fiona look into her own life as her fight with Ian was getting rough day by day. She did not want that to happen, but none of them had a choice.

Frank, on the other hand, gets his first credit card and gets insane and orders stuff that he doesn’t even know uses of! He also buys his first car off that money.

The most interesting part was with Kevin and Veronica’s sexuality. As we had seen in past episode, V was having some doubts on her being straight or not, as Svetlana was successfully seducing her. That creates a little tension in Kev’s head, because V seems to get more satisfied with Svetlana than she ever was with him. This creates a really funny situation where he forces himself to be homo, doing stuff that he had never tried before. (Little spoiler : He did not succeed!) Things really get ridiculously crazy for the three of them.

Debbie has her own problems. She goes to jail for attacking a lady, who did not buy emergency contraceptive for her! Sounds crazy, right? Well, after making love with Duran, she suddenly realizes that they did not use protection and she could get pregnant. . . again! And this time she did not want to repeat the mistake. Another great part to watch in this episode.

That’s all. (. . but that’s a lot. Trust me.) Have a great week ahead watching amazing shows and I will see you guys with TBBT stuff later next week. Happy Netflixing!