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Reasons “Maximum Security” was awesome:

  1. My queen Amy Santiago had *yet another* chance to prove she has what it takes to get any job done.
  2. Jake and Amy were adorable.
  3. Boyle’s fangirl was showing.
  4. Rosa got emotional.
  5. Holt tried to small-talk.

So, basically, every aspect was great, but let’s go ahead and break down this recap by it’s two subplots.

Jake, Amy, and Boyle

Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis’ sister just happens to be a murderer (anyone surprised?) so the 99 decided that the best way to get information on Jimmy was to get a women inside the Women’s state penitentiary in Texas. Now, the obvious first choice for an undercover prisoner was Rosa, but (female) Figgis recognized her right away, so Amy had to take over. The problem? Jake was worried Amy wouldn’t be “hard” enough to keep her cover in tact, so every time Amy did ANYTHING, he intervened. When Amy finally called him out on his BS, he confirmed what most viewers probably suspected all along: HE wasn’t tough enough to watch Amy undercover in a prison. He couldn’t watch “the woman [he] loves, unarmed, locked up with all of these murderers”! Cue all of the awwws. Amy settled down and agreed–she has a hard time watching him in danger, too. Do you want to know the best part of this scene, though (aside from Boyle’s reaction–which is all of our reactions, tbh)? Jake was able to actually admit that to her. That is why I really think these two might make it; they’re honest with each other! No silly drama and drawn out fights; they love each other and they actually treat each other with the care and respect—the way two people in love should! So Jake decided to take himself off the case and leave Boyle as her handler, so Amy could really get into character. It look’s like she’ll still be there next week, so we’ll see how prison changes sweet Santiago!


Everyone Else

Back in New York, Holt thought the best way to hunt down Jimmy Figgis would be to stage a fake funeral for Pimento and hope he comes. Spoilers: he didn’t, But we did get to see Hitchcock pose as a bloated and dead Pimento, Holt try to small talk with people (the Bachelor, Andre Agassi, and Gluten? Where did you find these talking points?), and Rosa finally open up a little bit. As the great sergeant he is, Terry tried to console Rosa, even though she kept insisting she didn’t need it. But if we know anything about Rosa, it’s that she has a few more layers to pull through, so Terry’s constant support was actually best for her. Oh, and throwing stuff off of a roof helped too.

Even though Figgis didn’t come to the funeral, this isn’t the end of the chase. The finale is next week and I’m guessing the hunt for Figgis will come to a head…or leave us with a wicked cliffhanger!


See you next week!