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This is Family Guy’s 400th episode. Twenty-one seasons is more than 400 episodes in total. That is wild! Way to go, Family Guy!

We open to Stewie and Brian on the couch, and Mary Elizabeth Becca Ryan, aka Mebr, a famous singer and childhood star, is being talked about on TV. Stewie goes all fangirl, and Brian is confused. He didn’t realize she was a piggy from one of Stewie’s favorite shows. Stewie is a strange dichotomy, but so is Brian.

Chris wants to spend time with Peter and learn how to throw batteries. Peter’s spirit was willing, but his body was not. The robot takes him out instead. Lois suggests they get Peter’s weight taken care of. Meanwhile, Stewie is making a Tik Tok when Brian walks in with his Taco Bell. When Stewie tells Brian Mebr’s opinion, Brian doesn’t care. To get Brian to see the light about Mebr, Stewie invites Brian to her concert. Brian turns him down and tells him to think for himself. Stewie ends up tricking Brian into the taxi.

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At the hospital, Peter and Lois see the dumbest doctor I have ever seen. I know the doctor has been on here since the beginning, but his stupidity is always jaw-dropping. When Peter refuses to change his diet or start exercising, the doctor tells him about the special going on for lap band surgery. Apparently, you get a Nintendo Switch with every lap band surgery. Sheesh. Peter is really something as he leaks out of his clothes after surgery. Ewww.

At the concert, Stewie is having the time of his life. He takes a picture at the concert, tweets it, and refers to Mebr as his favorite pig talking about her former role. She took it as Stewie was fat shaming her and put him on blast. All of Mebr’s fans are bullying Stewie online. Stewie desperately wants to explain and apologize but is unable to do so.

Peter feels better but has a skin dress. Now that Peter is thin, he still isn’t spending time with Chris, who was the catalyst of the change. Stewie’s preschool friends are staying away from Stewie over the Mebr incident. Stewie decides to run away, and his tricycle and trailer blow up just before he does. Rupert is, unfortunately, a causality.

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Peter is supposed to be helping Chris with his science problem but has bailed on him. Lois isn’t happy. She tells him Chris needs his dad. Brian goes looking for Stewie and can’t find him. In Stewie’s room, Brian comes to the conclusion that Stewie is going to kill Mebr at the Quahog walk of fame and wants to stop him.

Will Peter decide to help Chris with his science project? Does Stewie get revenge for Rupert? What the hell is the robot doing? Tell me what you think in the comments below. In this holiday season, have fun storming the castles!