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So here are my thoughts on Batman V Superman. The film doesn’t live up to the three-year hype and has its problems. The major problems came from there was no time and they have to squeeze all of these many stories together.The film had to lay the groundwork for the DCCU which caused this film to struggle.This movie suffers from”Iron Man 2 syndrome”. Other problems I had were Jesse Einsenberg, still not convinced by his casting, but maybe in future movies, his version of the character will grow and evolve. Lois Lane, just like in Man of Steel, is there because the script needs her to be. The story did not focus enough on some elements and spent way too much time on other subplots that we easily could have done without. Henry Cavill is okay as usual, but Ben Affleck took me by surprise. He was amazing in his role as Batman. The highlight for me was, however, Gal Gadot’s fleeting performance of Wonder Woman and Jeremy Irons.Now I can see where the negative reviews are coming from and I get why critics don’t like the movie with it being too dark, no humor, awkward storytelling/editing. However, it’s an alright DC movie.This isn’t the best superhero movie out there, but it is also not by any means garbage or as bad as critics are saying it is. It’s okay, and I personally think everyone Ill enjoy re-watching this on the unrated three hour cut when it comes out on blu ray in four months. So if you’re a DC fan boy I recommend ignoring the critics and seeing it your self and if you really enjoyed Man Of Steel Im sure your gonna have a good time with this film.