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We open to the guys at The Drunken Clam. Cleveland, Peter, and Joe are trying to figure out what to do while Quagmire can’t drink. They decide on an escape room. All they guys go and bring their families.

Cleveland’s family sink all the way into the couch. We don’t even see Quagmire or Joe and his wife. The Griffin’s though just make you shake your head. Meg and Stewie are the brains in the family apparently but no one knows it besides Meg and Stewie.

Once home, Brian lets Stewie in on the family secret. When a Griffin hits puberty, they become dumb as a stump, but until then, they are really smart. (However, that doesn’t explain Meg completely. She’s rather smart just makes dumb decisions.) In light of that realization, Stewie builds a gene-altering device. He wants to keep some genes and get rid of others. Brian tries to talk Stewie out of it. Brian was right. After the wedding, Brian tries desperately to fix it with no luck. He even asks Chris for help.

Does Stewie figure out how to go back to the original Stewie? Let me know when you find out. Til next week…

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