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New Girl: “Sam, Again”


Episode Synopsis:

Jess applies for a job at a progressive new school, but things take a turn when she finds out the principal is dating her ex-boyfriend, Sam. Meanwhile, Nick gets a cold and Schmidt quarantines the roommates to prevent himself from getting sick before his big presentation.

The Gang:

First off, HALLELUJAH!!! My Nick & Jess feels are springing back into action! 🎉

Jess- In the beginning of the episode, we find out that Jess might be getting a new job at a progressive school and she’s super pumped! When she goes to visit, she really takes a liking to the place and gets to know Genevieve, who runs the school. Unfortunately, when Genevieve goes to introduce her boyfriend to Jess, we find out that it’s none other than Sam! Things get awkward very quickly when Genevieve asks if the two know each other because of their interesting interaction with each other. Back at the loft, Jess tells the rest of the gang about seeing Sam and wonders if she should go see him again to talk things out. Even though the rest of the gang tells her to drop the whole situation, of course Jess goes over to Sam’s house and sees that Genevieve is also over. They talk about what happened between them and Nick, and eventually Sam expresses that he wants Nick to apologize for kissing Jess. I gotta say, it made me giddy having them revisit this moment in time because that was when we got to see that magical first kiss between Nick and Jess. Returning back to the loft, Jess tells Nick that he needs to go and apologize to Sam, who is waiting in the loft. Nick comes out, half-heartedly apologizes and makes Sam mad. Nick also comments on Sam’s beard, which weirdly threatens Sam, and he punches him once again in the throat. Another call back from “Table 34.” After this, Jess has an idea. Why don’t the guys talk about their feelings. They talk, and Nick says the best thing I’ve heard come out of his mouth for a while. He reveals that he won’t apologize for kissing Jess. He says that she wanted him to kiss her and that things became amazing between them. They were so in love and it was a lot of fun. Squeals!!! I’m paraphrasing, of course. But on Sam’s side of the conversation, he revealed that he thought him and Jess were a really great couple and that when they broke up, he took a dark turn. Sadly, after this fact and revealing that he doesn’t know who he is anymore, Genevieve breaks up with him. Lastly, Jess takes one more stab at seeing Sam again at his home. She brings him brownies, and gets an angry Sam telling her to get out of his life. Ouch!

Nick, Schmidt, Winston & Cece- On the flip side of this episode, quarantining is happening. Nick gets sick after eating raisins that Jess took from a student at her school, and immediately, Schmidt quarantines Nick in his room. Schmidt has a presentation coming up involving chairs, and he can’t be getting sick. Sadly, Cece also starts sneezing, so her and Nick both get quarantined. They start watching some weird kids show and get enthralled. Meanwhile, Winston has a date coming up and he starts getting nervous. He decides that the best decision is for him to fake being sick and run away from his problem. After pretty much losing it in Nick’s room from the boredom, he tells Nick and Cece that he doesn’t want to go on his date because he’s not over Aly 😞. Cece gives him a pep talk and tells him to give the girl he’s going out with, a chance. So Winston goes on his date, Schmidt, funnily enough, ends up getting sick at his presentation and they all end up watching that weird kids show.

Well, since there was that AMAZING moment where Nick doesn’t apologize for kissing Jess, that instantly makes this a great episode. The fans have been dying for Nick and Jess feels again, and we finally got some. Even though Jess didn’t reciprocate back with thoughts on the subject, it was still a great moment. Also, this isn’t the last we’re seeing of Sam, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. Like most people are saying, the first time Sam came along, feelings between Nick and Jess were going strong, so maybe there will be some deja vu.

I’m just gonna jar your memory again:


4/5 glasses rating


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