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How is it possible that this show gets crazier and crazier every week?

Remember a few weeks ago when I was acting all righteous about Rafael being a good guy, because he didn’t turn Michael into the police for letting Nadine go? Well it turns out he DID…actually he paid someone else to do it—which is even shadier. AND he lied to Jane about it. As much as I love Rafael, that was a really shitty thing to do, and I don’t know how she can forgive him for it. He said he did it because he’s fighting for her and their family, but if he’s learned anything by spending time with Jane, it’s that she wants someone honest, supportive, and kind. He was getting somewhere just by being a good guy. But he wrecked it. Damn it. I have a feeling that this will be where Adam Rodriguez (her professor and new advisor) steps in as a love interest. I still can’t really get on board with that, but that’s just me. It’s really hard for me to believe that Jane is supposed to (**SPOLIER ALERT**) get married this season—she’s not in a good place with Michael or Rafael, and she’s not the type to marry someone she’s just met (Professor Chavez). My instincts are telling me Michael will be the lucky guy, but who knows?

Let’s talk about my favorite thing: character development. We’ve been seeing a lot of that lately with Rogelio. He’s gone through some massive changes this season…between getting over Luciana, ending the Passions of Santos, and now moving into a *GASP* condo, his head should be spinning. But no, he kept it together and even embarrassed himself on his rival’s show, just so they’d keep Xiomara’s theme song. I know some people find him overbearing, but I love him more every week. And I hope Xo does too!

Petra’s in deep trouble and could really use a friend like Jane, but (due in part to having to deal with her psycho mom) she’s been playing with Jane like a yo-yo. Who else thinks that there’s no way Ivan is going to stay buried? And there’s no way Magda will get away with this…I assume everything will start to come to light when Milos gets back. Including the missing grenades.

Jane the Virgin doesn’t come back until December 14th for it’s midseason finale. Which is very soon, I think, because it’s only the 8th episode of the season. Anyway, you know THAT’S gonna be very dramatic. So use these next two weeks to prepare.