Hey Gothamites! This episode of Gotham, while a bit slower than normal, was filled to the BRIM with story and emotion. I also absolutely loved the dialogue in this episode. It was well written, well delivered and I feel it deserves recognition.

So Let’s begin with the main portion of the storyline.The big ol’ elephant in the room. The major thing on everyone’s minds right now. When we last saw Jim Gordon, the fat lady had sung and he was sent off to BlackGate Prison. For what seemed to span across several weeks, possibly months, Jim did the same thing each day. He woke up, ran laps around the yard, ate his food, and then he slept. But then he met Blackgate’s Warden, who told him he was being moved to the general population wing of the prison and that his protective custody was only temporary. The Warden who was just OOZING the vibes of a douchebag and I wanted nothing more than for Jim to break his dumb nose, but alas I never get my way on this show. He leaves Jim in his new general population cell with this: “The former commissioner Loeb says ‘Hello.’” Like…what a butthole, right?! Moving on, a guard soon approaches Gordon to let him know he has a visitor. When he walks out, Lo and Behold! His secret detective boyfriend Harvey Bullock stopped in for what should’ve been an uplifting chat.

They get to talking and Jim confides in Harvey that he’s concerned for Lee. They used to write all the time but she stopped sending letters, or responding to his letters, and he shows serious concern. Harvey, as much as he loves Jim, explains that he doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but…Lee had a miscarriage and lost the baby. Distraught by the loss, she moved to the south and no one has heard from her since.

Jim takes this very badly, and loses his focus. He retreats back into the prison, where he’s approached by an inmate. The inmate was in cohorts with the Warden, and has been ordered to kill Jim. So he, and a few other inmates, begin beating on Jim when a kid named Puck steps in. They knock Puck down as well, but a guard approaches and stops the fight. Jim and Puck end up in the medical ward, where Jim tells Puck that he seems like a nice kid and if he wants to stay alive, he’ll stay away.

Later on, the guard who saved Jim stops him from saving Puck from a severe beating. Puck ends up in critical condition in the medical ward, and when Jim goes to visit him, the guard informs him that something is going to happen during the prison’s movie night, and that he needs to be prepared. Movie night rolls around and a fake, retractable shank is handed to the same prisoner who attacked Jim previously. He’s under the impression that it’s real, but another prisoner snatches it from him and attacks Jim. Jim looks to get stabbed in the ribcage multiple times, and blood begins pouring out. While everyone was busy watching him get stabbed, the prisoner injected Gordon with a sedative that makes him appear dead. It was an elaborate plan that only Jim Gordon could succeed at, but just know that when I first saw it, My reaction was very much this:

After being placed into an ambulance, Gordon wakes up to find the guard and Harvey Bullock waiting. It turned out to be an elaborate plot to help Gordon escape and clear his name, but Jim refuses to leave without Puck. They take him along, and after leaving Gotham, pull over to meet the man who orchestrated Jim’s rescue. We’re surprised to find Don Falcone, offering Jim the chance to escape Gotham forever, or the chance to live in a safe house in Gotham to clear his name. Jim chooses the latter, and when he looks to Puck for approval, he finds that he’d passed away.

Meanwhile, we find Penguin living a life of luxury with his father. His father explains that Oswald’s grandfather had many anger and hostility issues, and after Oswald comes clean about his own past violence, his father forgives him. Not all is as blissful as it seems, though. We learn that Oswald’s father is dying, and that his wife and two step-children are trying to kill him to get his money.

Without Penguin’s knowledge, the trio have constantly attempted to murder and persuade both Oswald and his father.The family tries to take Oswald out of the picture, but ends up potentially speeding up his father’s death. We’re left watching as Penguin frantically cradles his father in his arms, while his father foams at the mouth and begins to seize up. Personally, I don’t think Oswald’s father was completely honest about his own faults and violence, but hopefully we’ll have another episode of him to learn about it.

This episode was beyond perfect and very much Jim Gordon-Centric, which is something we’ve kind of missed out on lately. There have been so many new character introductions, and so many storylines to follow that Detective Gordon kind of got sidelined. That’s just my opinion though. Either way, this episode was very refreshing, and reminded me of earlier episodes when it was all about Jim and his impenetrable morals. I can’t wait until the next episode to see what happens. Tune in with me on twitter every Monday @TheGameOfNerds to live tweet the new episodes of Gotham, 7 pm central standard time.