As one woman’s life flourishes, another’s wilts.

Petra and Jane have become this interesting, parallel dynamic on the show. Maybe they always have been, but it’s very evident now. Not only are the two ladies quasi-friends, but they also share a baby daddy. At one point, this was a baby daddy they both had feelings for. Now, they’re bonding over the fact that they both have small children. The problem here is that Petra is comparing her life to Jane’s, but no two mothers are alike. Jane is happy with Michael and an extremely attached, attentive mother to Mateo. Petra is single and unsure of how to take care of Anna and Elsa. Jane suggested they go to a “Mommy & Me” class, where one woman suggested that Petra may be suffering from Postpartum depression. She did not react well–Petra is so strong willed…did we really think she’d react any other way? Jane finally calmed her down and suggested she talk to some exclusive doctor. The only problem here is that the doctor wanted to know her family history, so Petra went to see Magda. I don’t know if you guys remember, but Magda is seriously the worst. THE WORST. In an effort to put Petra in more pain, Magda told her that her girls would be better off without her. And because Petra is in such a fragile state, she believed her. The episode ended with Petra packing her bags. Where is she going? What will she do with the girls? Leave them with Rafael? Or maybe bring them over to Jane’s new house (more on that in a bit)? I’m so interested to see where her story goes from here–her development has definitely been the most interesting on the show, and I truly hope we get to see her happy at some point–with her girls!

Everything’s coming up Jane right now. I guess you could say it’s good karma for a life well led. But this is Jane the Virgin and no one stays lucky for long.

After a slightly difficult search (and a little pushback from Rafael–who is still being so understanding though–#TEAMRAF), Jane and Michael found the perfect little house right near the Marbella. At first they thought Rafael subsidized it, but it was actually sweet Petra! They don’t know this, though. So Jane and Michael are settling down nicely. I’m more tolerant of Michael every week and I don’t know what’s happening to me because I’m still #TEAMRAF. After some slight arguments with the guest list, Rogelio the wedding planner made up one of his sound stages to be the perfect venue for Jane’s wedding. And Charo was playing in the background and I could’ve sworn something was going to go wrong. But it didn’t. YET. It’s coming, though. Something is coming.

Don’t go yet! There’s a little more drama to cover! The Villanueva ladies are living a life of luxury in the Marbella currently (thanks to Rafael. #TEAMRAF)…and so is Pablo Alonso Segura–the shady man with the creepy mustache. Alba was blinded by her horniness and couldn’t see that he was playing her. Luckily Jane and Xo caught him in the act, told Alba, and Alba kicked him out. I’m so glad that didn’t go further, because I don’t think I could handle a heartbroken Alba! You know who will also continue to be horny? Xiomara, because she and Rogelio still haven’t reconciled. WHY, guys? WHY? Also Jane will continue to be horny for obvious reasons. And Michael.

Okay all I’m saying is prepare yourself Jane fans. Something is coming. (I feel like Eddard Stark right now)

See you next week!

(Photo courtesy of The CW)