Haley confesses to Mitchell and Cam that she kissed Dylan, while still seeing Arvin. I sincerely hope that this provides enough reason for her to break up with her much older boyfriend.

Arvin’s way out of her league anyways.

I’m not sure what get together the family is here for, but I’m sure we’ll see.

Phil watched Mean Girls, and finally fired back at Jay. It’s hilarious.

Mitch and Cam doubt that Manny actually found a girlfriend while on his road trip. The film he used to take photos of him and this girl, but the older men suspect that Manny could be gay.

Cam and Mitch dig up their old wounds. Cam is floored that Mitch kissed someone at a bar before the two men became exclusive. Their banter is adorable.

Alex reveals to Jay over a meal that Phil had adopted behaviors from Mean Girls. Jay rejects Phil outwardly. Maybe this will make both men more pissed at each other.

“Did you get a peck from a pickled Pepper?” This line was perfect. Cam being insecure is so cute. Mitch and Cam weren’t getting anywhere, so they tossed the argument about whether to reveal secret kisses early on in a relationship towards the group.

Half the group suggests, to tell the truth, and others insist keeping secrets is better for the sake of the relationship.

Hayley face times with Arvin, and he finally hears her confession after several times where their connection froze up. Arvin understandably hangs up, feeling shocked and hurt. The scientist is better off with someone other than Hayley.

Claire reveals that Mitch called her immediately after kissing a man he didn’t know. This was because Mitch realized he was in love with Cam, and this warmed Cam’s heart to discover 15 years later.

Mint Jaylups were designed to make Phil happy. Jay warms up to Phil more and they both confess that they were trying to out-Mean Girl each other.

Hayley visits with Dylan. He tells her that he’s been in love with her for 10 years. The two have sex while the camera cuts back to the rest of the group at Jay’s house.

Jay explains the gathering was by accident and encourages everyone to leave his house after Manny face times with his girlfriend to prove that she is real.

I just wish this show didn’t play into the trope that some straight males are stereotyped into seeming gay to the general public. Manny is a sensitive young many who loves Broadway musicals and expresses himself emotionally. He can also be straight.

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