Last month, Netflix released the second season of Aggretsuko much to the delight of many. I had been a long awaited release but was it worth the wait? We will be discussing character development, plots, inspirational takeaways and hopes for the future so  be sure to keep reading.

Aggretsuko S2 (Promo 2)

Photo Source: Netflix – Aggretsuko

The number one thing you have to know before watching the new season is that there is a roller coaster of emotions with hesitation, regret and much more. There were also minor instances where details seemed to have changed from the first season. However, others things were taken and built upon in this season. Much like the last season, this one heavily focused on marriage/ dating but the added variety of dilemmas offered is what separated the two. We got to catch up on old characters and meet new ones which was definitely a treat.

Sadly, we felt the season was a little flat as it lack the spark that came with season one or the holiday special. Retsuko’s metal karaoke is always a joy to watch but there were a lot of calm, contemplation scenes that focused more on thought then feeling. However the scenes that did project both thought and feeling in a well established sync were truly special. Two moments come to mind when we think of this involving Kabae and Puko (you’ll have to watch and see). Many fans were also disappointed in the lack of particular characters screen time while heightening others.

Aggretsuko S2 (Promo 1)

Photo Source: Netflix – Aggretsuko

In the end, this season left off with Retsuko having a more firm grasp of her owns wants and desires. Characters we have come to find familiar reveled throughout the season what their personal thoughts and feelings regarding life were meanwhile Retsuko was still figuring things out. Finally, when she managed to meet someone she believed to be a good match for her couldn’t stay with him due to conflicting beliefs on relationships. This was a rather relate-able/ interesting why to conclude the season but it leaves us wondering if there will be a season three in the works.

Season two was not bad but it could have been better. We hope there will be a season three to come that will bring us a newly discovered Retsuko making head way into her oncoming late twenties. It would also be interesting to see more into the lives of the other characters more often without Retsuko in the frame. Comment below with your thoughts and hopes for the show’s future.

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