Helloooooo Gotham!

First off, I’d like to start off by saying Congratulations to Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) and Morena Baccarin (Leslie “Lee” Thompkins) who just had the opportunity to welcome their baby girl into the world. Congrats on the production of a teacup human!

So…We’re gonna take this review down piece by piece, mainly because 3 pivotal points end up meeting in the story line. So let’s start with the portion that doesn’t!

Bruce Wayne finds himself at Wayne Manor in a meeting with Jim’s Psychiatrist fiancée, Lee. She’s asking Bruce questions, attempting to evaluate his mental health after having had such a traumatic experience with Theo Galavan. Bruce tells her he’s fine, and honestly it seems a tad sociopath. He doesn’t give a lot of emotions away, though he does tell her that, though he was kidnapped, he’d never felt more alive. In fact he was invigorated by the experience, and she shows obvious concern.

They come to the agreement that they should talk again, and she leaves him be. We find Bruce in the “Not-Yet-The-Bat-Cave” Cave beating on a punching bag. Alfred arrives and the two exchange a bit of a heated moment. Alfred is angry at Bruce for attempting to solve his parents’ murder on his own, and Bruce is angry at Alfred for taking him to Switzerland when that time could’ve been used to investigate.

Alfred demands that Bruce admit to whether they’re a team or not, and Bruce reluctantly agrees. After that, Alfred presents Bruce with his findings. He’d spent all day down at the GCPD locating more information on the name they received from Silver St. Cloud. Alfred reveals that M. Malone could stand for Patrick “Matches” Malone, and that his information fits everything they have so far on the night of the murder. Al asks Bruce what he intends to do with the information and Bruce states that he’s going to kill him. Alfred refuses to let that happen and tells Bruce that he’s too young to have a death on his hands, and that he will kill the man FOR Bruce.

Bruce calls in Selina when he has a moment to himself, and when she appears, she’s shocked to discover that Bruce wants a gun so that he can kill Malone himself, and attempts to dissuade him from it. Meanwhile, back at the GCPD, Gordon and Barnes have decided to use a sick and dying Nora Fries as bait to lure Victor into a trap. Of course, Lee doesn’t agree to using a woman who has very little time left as bait, but reluctantly agrees. She and Nora end up stationed in the medical wing of Arkham Asylum, and lo and behold her medical wing roomie is a comatose Barbara King. I, of course, was very excited to see my future wife doing well, but the sight of her brought out some residual hostility in Dr. Thompkins.

Jim works on getting the police department set up to trap Victor, and comes across an imprisoned Oswald, currently being dragged off to another torture session. Oswald has been getting “treatment” from Hugo Strange and his assistant, Miss Peabody. And by treatment, I mean they’ve been attempting to brainwash him and make him think the torture is just a bad dream that he had.

Penguin tries to explain to Jim what’s happening, but Jim refuses to believe it and sends him off to get more “help.” Oswald tries to explain that Jim was the one who killed Galavan and Hugo hears it over the security system. I’m sure that’s going to come back and bite Jim in the ass. Hard.

Victor has created himself an armored suit and, knowing it’s a trap, goes to the asylum anyway to rescue Nora. If you’ll remember in the last episode, he found that the A16 formula works and brings people back to life. His plan to rescue Nora and save her life begins rather smoothly. Hugo finds that he needs Victor’s formula for his cryogenics research.

They make the agreement that Hugo will open the locked doors, attempt to stop the police, and show Victor the way so long as Victor leaves him one of the vials of his formula. Victor agrees, leaves a vial behind, and comes across Jim, Lee, and Nora. Jim had raced to Lee’s side when word of Victor’s break-in came through and he is forced to watch as Victor kidnaps Lee and Nora and takes them away.

The three end up in Mr. Freeze’s basement where he intends on cryogenically freezing Nora. Nora agrees and asks Victor to go upstairs and get the necklace he got her. He hands her the freeze gun and she tries to persuade Lee to run while she can. Lee refuses and so she instead asks her to get her a glass of water. While Dr. Thompkins’s back is turned, Nora switches out the A16 formula for one of the nearby defective ones. Victor comes back and attempts to freeze her, only to find out after Nora has died and crumbled that the vials were swapped. He asks Lee if she knew, and believes her when she says no. He tells her to alert the police and let them know that he’s going to surrender and as soon as she leaves, sticks the cryogenics hose under his armor and attempts to kill himself.

To Gotham Mr. Freeze has died, But in reality? He’s now locked away at Indian Hill. Hugo greets him when he awakens and informs him that the formula he attempted to take his own life with greatly altered his genetic structure, and that he can longer live above subzero temperatures. He persuades Victor to look upon this at a chance at a new life, a chance to join him in whatever experiments he’s doing to Gotham’s most notorious deceased villains.

Cut to Jim and Lee’s apartment. They’re arguing about the fact that Lee knows Jim lied to her about the death of Theo Galavan, and Jim is upset that Lee went with Fries and endangered their child. Now I don’t know about you, but Jim is really becoming a loose cannon and needs to be put in check. However, I do think that all Lee wants out of this is honesty. She won’t turn him in, or leave him. She just wants him to be honest.

With that being said, the next episode is bound to be absolutely amazing. I would definitely tuen in next week to find out what happens. And be sure to check out The Game Of Nerds’s Twitter @TheGameOfNerds as I live tweet each episode at 7 pm CST. Thanks for reading!