Don’t kiss Clarke, it’s bad for your safety!

This was my exact look at the episodes end. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

This week of the 100 went back in time, way back, as in 97 years back into the past. We got a longer back story on the woman in red, also known as Becca. We still don’t know how she got to become a computer program in red, but we find out she was in a space station working on a number of programs. She thought she had information that could save the worlds issues, it turns out she was manipulated and it led to the start of the war. Her, her sister and another co-worker had to stand by and watch it in space as they saw in real time missiles flying all over the globe at each other creating a nuclear wasteland. It was very interesting to get more of a history on the woman in red and what created the world to what it is now.

Back to current events, Octavia is still held captive by the grounders crew, after the attack attempt from Pike’s men on the village. They are asking for Lexa to end her stand of not having “blood must have blood” and go after the sky crew at Arcadia for the latest attack. Lexa stands down because of her attachment with Clarke, and tries to come up with a compromise, she calls the soldiers of the other 12 clans to create a 5 mile border around Arcadia to not let Arcadia try to take over any lands, and will keep it intact until after Arcadia creates an uprising and overthrows Pike’s leadership to let them resolve the issues on their own. Lexa also sets out a kill order for any of the sky crew who go outside the 5 mile border. The grounder from the village doesn’t accept that decision and tries to kill Lexa, but Titus jumps in and ends his life, looks to Lexa to say that blood must have blood.

When it’s decided it’s time to send the troops to Arcadia, Clarke is convinced by Octavia that she needs to go, and she might be able to to help stop this impending war if she goes. When she makes her decision she goes to see Lexa, who realizes that Clarke is going to go, they end up having some intimate boom boom time. When she is about to leave she runs into Titus, who had earlier captured Murphy hostage. He got Murphy’s gun, which he intended to use to kill Clarke, he was not very good with the gun and Clarke was able to dodge a few shots, during the attack one of Titus’s errant shot ended up hitting Lexa in the chest which immediately stopped the attack.

Clarke tries to rush to save Lexa, however it hit a spot that is creating way to much blood and it can’t be stopped. Meanwhile Titus is very quiet and seems to be privy on what’s happening and what needs to be done. He goes around and gathers up some items, he says he knows what has to be done, Lexa in their native tongue tells Titus the flame keeper that he has to protect he will never attempt to harm Clarke again and he obliges. She tells him that he needs to serve the next as he has before.

After she does lose her life, Titus rolls her on her side, where she has a tattoo of the sacred symbol and scar on her neck. The same symbol of the chips that are supposed to hold the keys to the city of life. He starts to cut and remove it which appears to have tentacles attached to Lexa. Clarke, and Murphy ask what exactly that is, and Titus said it is the AI of the commander, says some magic word which causes the tentacles to go back into the device and says that it is time and they will wait for the AI to choose the next commander! Here when people were thinking the grounders didn’t know much about tech and such, this has been by them the entire time.

Lexa, you were a strong bad ass character, you will be missed. Here is to hoping you don’t suck going forward on Fear the Walking Dead.