There’s an old song verse that says “something wicked this way comes!”-a highly apropos statement that encapsulates the Keating 5, Annalise and the majority of the people surrounding them. Where Annalise goes, wrongness seems to follow. She has gotten away with this for most of her professional career unscathed. The events that led to her begging Wes and Laurel to shoot her were the tip of the iceberg.

With the knowledge that Phillip “Secret Baby” Hapstall is out there, recording them, capturing their every move, has the interns completely freaked. While Annalise has the brilliant idea of submitting untimestamped footage to the D.A. for immunity, the interns are scared, unsure and non-trusting of her plan. The plan does seem to backfire when the D.A. calls for Annalise’s office to be raided and searched. An unsigned warrant allows Bonnie to turn away the police and Annalise to outsmart the D.A. (again).

Flashbacks give us glimpses into what actually happened with Wes’s (née Christophe) mother, Rose. Wes suppressed so much from his childhood, he actually believed he killed his own mom. As the shot shows a pregnant Annalise running out of their apartment, and reminds to show her entering and pleading with Rose, it all becomes clear. Rose-stating she is free and nobody owns her-picks up the barbecue fork and STABS herself in the neck. As Annalise exits, Christophe enters, sees his mom and pulls the fork out of her neck. Bleeding profusely, the viewer is left with the knowledge of her death and its impact on Christophe/Wes.

Present-day, Annalise and Wes haven’t spoken since the night of the shooting and she heads to his apartment to mend fences. Seeing footsteps under the door, she enters and asks Wes to just speak with her…while hundreds of miles away, Annalise’s old flame Eve sees Wes waiting for her in her lobby.

In the words of Oda Mae Brown in “Ghost,” Annalise, “you in danger girl.” Stay tuned…