Josh & I Go To Los Angeles!


I hated this episode…JK! We’re good friends now, we can kid around like that! Of course I loved it – I almost wanted to hate it just so I can prove that I’m critical of everything and not just full of fluff (I have a brand to maintain, check my hate tweets) – but I couldn’t due to all the gloriousness. Let’s discuss shall we?

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Remember when Valencia called Trent and Rebecca walked into Josh’s apartment to find him standing there? Well we start up right back there and Trebecca is engaged in a hardcore makeout session. This is immediately suspicious because why is he so good at lying under pressure and also on board with this lie?!

After Trent acts super weird and leaves, Becks explains the water conspiracy to Josh & goes back to work (I’m hoping, girl does not seem to take that many cases and I’m worried about her finances). Valencia is devastated that she was wrong about Rebecca (though she’s the one that’s in the right here, let’s not forget that) and the demon that was possessing Greg leaves his body, leading him to go hang out with Heather and vows to not get sucked up into BunchSanity (sidenote, we need bunchsanity merch; tshirts, mugs, decorative rocks, etc). #JoshLencia also have a cute moment that reminds us all that they are in fact in love and a good couple most of the time.


Cut to the gym, where Darryl thanks Josh for the kiss and turns to leave but then turns around and says “unless you want to kiss again, for some reason’ to which WiJo grins like a doufus and says “why not.” Guy, you don’t understand, #WhiteJoshFeather is my favourite ship OF ALL TIME! There are so many amazing layers to unpack. Josh is this young and hot macho bro dude and Darryl is this sweet dorky dad but this never turns into a “he’s too good for him” trope; Darryl doesn’t show the self doubt usually portrayed on TV where one half of the couple is deemed traditionally more attractive. On top of that, they’re both unapologetic in who they are and are very straightforward about their feelings! HAVE I MENTIONED I LOVE THEM!? Darryl tried to ask Josh out in a Dorky French accent and Josh looks so amused and smitten. He also doesn’t let Darryl hide him out of insecurity, supporting Darryl’s choice but also standing his ground and doing what’s best for him. All of this is so revolutionary and fresh because it’s treated so non-chalantly and as a non issue.


I’m gonna stop gushing now and get back to this recap because it’s getting long and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Rebecca goes home that night to find that Trent is still there. Once he assures her that he’s not there to murder her, we find out that he’s been in love with her since high school AND IS BASICALLY CRAZY EX-BOYFRIEND-ING HER! Too exhausted to kick him out and faced with his delicious home cooked meal, Rebecca decides to let him stay on her couch.

Back at the firm, the Dream Team is trying to find plaintiffs in all the different counties for their class action lawsuit against Greater City Water when who shows up but the conglomerates legal council. Greater City Water wants the best representation possible so they hired Rebecca’s old law firm and brought along her nemesis & frenemi Audra Levine. Audra (in her best Rebecca-in-the-Pilot look) taunts Rebecca as she always has, insulting and putting her down to make herself feel better. She delivers some #ClassicAudraBurns before they have the greatest (and possibly only) JAP RAP BATTLE of all time. They attack each others skills and instincts while referencing their college feud and being super jewish about the whole thing. I can’t even accurately describe how amazing it is so just watch it here.


STOP! #GREATHER TIME! Greg is recommending Heather for a job at Home Base and he’s not even a little freaked out when he realizes that would mean spending literally all his time with her sarcasm. The aggressively nice manager likes her honesty and gives her the job on the spot. I need Heather to teach me some tricks because I’ve given much better interviews and been ignored. But this isn’t about me or my grievances, it’s about Greg and Heather being adorable and making it hard for me to exclusively ship #Rebreg (that and the unhealthiness of “you’re ignoring me so you’re perfect”).


Rebecca goes back home to find that Trent is STILL THERE! He brings the same thing into her life that she brings into Josh’s which is unconditional love and support. Rebecca really needs that because she’s not totally dealing with her anxiety and depression and doesn’t really have anyone, outside of Paula, that she can vent to. With all that in mind, it becomes easy to see why she would open up to him and let him sleep at the foot of her bed, which he was waaaaay too excited about.

The next day rolls around and it’s time to go to court! At first, no one is around and Rebecca is worried that she should have specified that by court she didn’t mean the food court. But then Josh shows up in a snazzy suit (that he put on his credit card and bought skittles instead of chocolate so he wouldn’t mess it up.) Soon after, all the El Monte’s also show up along with tons of other valleys and regions. There is an epic Les Miserables style march and chant as they make their way to the courtroom. B.J. Novak is also briefly there but who cares he’s the worst.

Everything seems to be going Rebecca’s way in the case until Audra reveals that Bert is schizophrenic. During a recess, Trent brings some evidence in the form of emails that basically expose the coverup. We don’t know how he got this evidence and Rebecca chooses to do the ethical thing and not use it. Without this new evidence and her key witness being mentally ill, the judge doubts Rebecca’s case and rules in favour of the defendant. Rebecca feels awful for having lost the case but all the plaintiffs are just glad she gave them a voice, even doing a slow clap musical number for her.


All this time, everyone at Home Base has been watching the trial. Mark the manager is super excited about Rebecca on tv, the same way I get excited about this show being on, while Greg is being a broody baby and acting like he doesn’t care. Of course, we all know he does care. Heather also figures this out because she’s recognizes his heart eyes. She sings the greatest Settle For Me reprise yet titled DON’T Settle For Me. It’s so amazing to see a woman know her self worth and ask for what she wants so props once again to this jewel of a show.


Throughout all this, Rebecca realizes that Happiness is what matters most and that Audra is as miserable and unhappy as she was in New York, she’s just doing a better job of convincing herself otherwise. There’s also a reporter at the courthouse who promises Rebecca that he will keep digging because he believes this is a huge story – and in this moment I think she really believes that her work was important and doesn’t feel like as much of a failure for losing.

Darryl catches up with White Josh, who had come to the trial for moral support (awwwww babeeee), holds his hand and proudly proclaims that he’s a bisexual. Some rando walks by and says that WiJo is out of Darryl’s league and congratulated him. Josh is quick to defend his boo, saying he looks like Tom Selleck (double, nay, triple awwwwww). They hold hands and go on a date and live happily ever after, probably.

THE LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT THING TO COME OUT OF THIS EPISODE IS THAT JOSH AND REBECCA FINALLY KISS! It’s a solid make-out kiss as they both realize how much the other one means to them and give in to the tension. THIS IS ALSO THE MOST HEARTBREAKING PART because that’s the exact moment Greg shows up to declare his love for Rebecca and makes the saddest face in the history of sad faces!



I’m starting to sound like a broken record but every single week this show produces such great episodes and breaks down so many barriers while being hilarious and charming and sweet and heartbreaking. I will break out our new rating system by giving it 4 out of 5 nerd glasses (I deducted one because of how hard Greg’s devastated face broke my heart there at the end and because I hate BJ Novak).


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