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Jane the Virgin “Chapter 35″

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

You know how some people are about politics? Well that’s how I am about my ships. Now I’m not gonna go post endless Facebook statuses about my views, but I will remain firmly #TeamRafael in all of my recaps. Which means that Chapter 35–and I’m sure the next few episodes–will be vomit inducing for me at times. I’m sorry! I’m not a mature human being and I refuse to try to be one.

Aside from the gross Jane and Michael scenes, this was a pretty riveting episode with A LOT of drama, and an absolutely crazy last 2 minutes (more on that in a bit).

I will start with Jane and Michael though, just to get it over with. The episode picked up directly where Chapter 34 left off, with the lovebirds reuniting on Jane’s front porch. They stayed up all night and caught up and kissed and laughed. What was, perhaps, the most sickening part (for me anyway) is that these two characters really do have an amazing connection that any couple would be lucky to share. It’s a shame that they don’t have the very good physical chemistry.

While they were stuck in their happy bubble for a while, it popped when Jane remembered they had to tell Rafael.

That did not go well. Raf said over and over that it was because he doesn’t think Michael’s a good guy, and his job puts Mateo in danger, but he was finally honest towards the end of the episode and admitted to Jane that he was afraid of being replaced. At this point, I think us Rafael fans need to let go of the possibility of Michael being anything more than the occasional hothead. He’s a good guy–I mean, yeah he’s a little boring and he does have a dangerous job, but he’s a good guy.

For now, I believe the Rafael-Jane-Michael triangle is on hold; which is fine, because triangles can get exhausting.

This brings me to Rafael. After being officially turned down by Jane AGAIN, he tried to woo Petra, which didn’t work, because Petra is a queen and doesn’t want to be anyone’s second choice. Seriously this woman is my hero. The bad thing here is we’ve never seen a fully rejected Rafael…it seems that fully rejected Rafael=playboy Rafael. You KNOW judgmental Jane isn’t gonna like that…

Now onto the scariest plotline of the episode…Rogelio’s new assistant is actually his old prison penpal, who is actually a crazy stalker! Rogelio had plenty of drama going on this week (adjusting to his breakup with Xiomara, the Tiago premiere, and some minor drama with Jane), so he barely paid any attention to his new assistant–who he thought used to be JLo’s assistant. That psycho literally turned his apartment into a prison and has locked him inside! Who’s going to come to his rescue? Will this change the situation with him and Xo? Will it change the situation with him and Jane?

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

Drama! Drama!
While, as I mentioned, the Jane/Michael development isn’t my cup of tea, this was still a very entertaining episode. 4/5 glasses.



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