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The Flash: Escape From Earth2

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This week’s episode picks up right where we left off; Barry is in the clutches of Professor Zoom, Cisco and Harry are left to their own devices to dream up a rescue mission, meanwhile, Earth1 is still deprived of a speedster. Although many fans were looking forward to more time on Earth2, this marks the end of the 2-part E2 plotline. But by finally introducing the multiverse, the writers leave the series open for more inter-dimensional shenanigans, never fear, we will probably revisiting E2 later this season.

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One of the most intriguing points showcased this week was Barry’s connection with the mysterious man in the metal mask. Also one of Zoom’s hostages, he communicated with Barry, just one word; “Jay”. Unfortunately, Barry was unable to rescue the metal prisoner, but Jay’s ultimate fate makes one wonder what the prisoner knew about him; can he see the future? Was his message a warning? Could he possibly be Jay’s doppelganger from another Earth?

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This week was also out first official introduction to Jessie Quick’s character, who, judging by what we’ve seen, is a bit disconnected with reality. Given her recent encounter with Zoom, she’s allowed to be angsty and emotionally inconsistent. Despite this, the character goes beyond the realm of “likeablilty” by whining about not wanting to leave her life in Central City to escape Zoom…she’s remarkably unconcerned for her life for someone who should’ve been killed last week…

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All in all, a solid episode, Killer Frost was well-developed and, as usual, entertaining to watch, while Jessie proved to be remarkably dumb, for a child genius. And the metal prisoner leaves in his wake a mystery for fans to theorize and wonder about.


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