Watch out! It’s going to freeze!


Hurray! Gotham is finally back after a very, very long mid-season break.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that the subtitle has been changed. In the first half of the season, it was “Return of the villains” while now it is “Wrath of the villains”.  It is a nice hint of what’s about to come in the next episodes.

We start off with Gordon sitting in a courtroom, being questioned by Dent regarding what happened in the last episode. What I loved is that they showed up flashbacks of what happened that night( may I remind you it’s been three whole months!). Not that I forgot anything, but it was nice to see it back. Eventually, Gordon is cleared and reinstated  into the GCPD.

Penguin is arrested for the murder of Theo Galavan and makes sure Barnes thinks he’s crazy. In a holding cell in the GCPD HQ, he meets again with Nygma. Nygma promises to take care of Penguin’s mothers grave and have occasional visits while bringing lilies to her grave. Penguin then is escorted to good old Arkham Asylum. The first thing penguin does in Arkham is making sure everyone knows he’s the boss and the King of Gotham. No need to tell you that it failed big time. You’re still talking to lunatics Penguin!


Then we see the “Real” King of Gotham, Butch. He gets a little visit from Tabitha Galavan. To her Butch admits that being the King of Gotham isn’t as fun as he thought it would be. Things then get a little heated when Tabitha proposes to become partners. While Butch tells her he isn’t looking for a relation (you liar) they share a kiss.

Because this episode is named “Mr Freeze” it would have been a bit weird if he wouldn’t make an appearance at all. We see him, better known as Victor Fries as a beloved husband for his wife Nora. Unfortunately,  she is very sick and she doesn’t have long to live anymore. We don’t know what she has, but I assume it isn’t very nice. Victor does experiments on people to find a way to freeze Nora  and then bring her back to life. This will apparently help cure her disease.  For this, he, of course, needs some people, who he just grasps from the streets. Like no one will notice, a hum Gordon and Bullock do as the investigate the case.  In one scene we even see a body melt! Yes, that was gross! But at the same time fascinatingly satisfying.


The GCPD finds out that it’s Victor who is Mr. Freeze as he left the medicine bottle of his wife behind in the pharmacy he raided. By then Nora found out about the bodies in the basement, who Victor revered to as mice. Gordon and Bullock find Nora sitting in shock in the basement while Victor is nowhere to be found. Nora is taken to the GCPD where she is arrested for not telling where her husband is. When Victor enters the GCPD to tell he is Mr. Freeze, just like four others, he sees  his latest test subject A16 alive doddering out of Nygma’s room. He then flees to the realization his experiments has worked.


Back in Arkham, we meet Dr. Hugo Strange, the puppet master behind both Arkham and the secret facility of Indian Hill. He wants to make Penguin “better”. I hope Penguin doesn’t end up like Nigel. Nigel got some advice from Strange, See no evil, Do no evil. Next thing we know he is laughing at the funny pages of the newspaper while he had just clawed his own eyeballs out!


The last scene is Strange entering a secret elevator that leads to Indian Hill. Here he gets to see the newspaper showing the success of Mr. Freeze. and begins making plans to recruit Victor for Indian Hill.

This was the first episode of the second half of Gotham. Although three months waiting is way to long, this episode was worth waiting for!

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