Remember how deep, profound, and heartbreaking last week’s episode was?  Well, if the beginning notes of this week’s episode are anything to judge by, the series has decided to make up for it!  The show opens with a New Orleans covered in rainbows and fabrics and people. Why? Because Mardi Gras is here . . . which can only mean one thing!  

You got it.  Mikaelsons.

Unhinged or just Determined?  

Klaus needs to find Hayley and does it the only way he knows how.  He accuses everyone he can get his hands on. He begins with Vincent, who represents the witches.  He goes to the werewolves, who claim to be the victims of the situation. He goes to Marcel and Josh about the vampires, but nobody fesses up.  It quite literally takes Klaus compelling the local police force into a real-life investigation for Klaus to get his first lead: a piece of paper with a meeting place.  

Does anybody else wonder just why it’s so important to find Hayley so fast?  Yes, there was a lot of blood on that coffin she was kept in. Yes, she is the mother of Hope.  However, there is a part of me that thinks Klaus needs this. He needs to have purpose besides slaughtering people.  He needs to BE needed. I think that’s why he’s pursuing this so very hard . . . oh, and perhaps to make things up to his daughter a little.  


If you were like me, you watched Marcel and Klaus walk into the supposed meeting place of Hayley’s kidnapper and you were screaming, “TRAP!” However, it was far more than that.  It was a tease. Someone is playing with Klaus. This is evident in the chair where Hayley was so obviously held captive. Someone is playing around here, but who specifically is the victim?  Is it Hayley or is it Klaus? Could it be Hope?

Psychopath on a mission, No Time for Chit-Chat

Sometimes, it is hard to tell when Klaus is being really smart and when he just wants what he wants.  On the one hand, you have to applaud him kidnapping a member of each faction: vampire, werewolf, and witch.  On the other hand, stating that he will kill all three of them at the end the of the day if he doesn’t receive Hayley isn’t a solution.  After all, by doing so, he makes an enemy of the few people who are trying to help him, such as Josh and Marcel.

Goodbye Letters from Klaus?  

Am I the only person who would pay good money to see what those say and who they are to?  

On a more somber note, why in the world is Klaus writing goodbye letters?  That is something characters do when they think they are going to sacrifice themselves soon for the sake of another.  Currently, no situation calls for that. It makes me wonder if Klaus knows more about the Hayley situation than he is letting on.  As Vincent said, Klaus is one of the most brilliant strategists in history.

Freya Finds a Distraction

Freya has lost her love and hasn’t told anybody about it, so, in true Mikaelson fashion she finds a distraction.  She goes to Hope at school and helps the girl use different spells to locate Hayley. It takes her a while to confess to Hope her concerns that Hope could be dangerous, but she does.  

Bonding Over Loss

This episode has a lot of undertones of loss and this includes Vincent bonding with a witch over their lost partners.  They’re both angry and they are both afraid. They might be trying to save New Orleans from Klaus, but they’re working hard at saving each other too.  I foresee a romance brewing! (If they don’t get killed before they get there).

The Day Klaus Begged

While it might have been mostly invisible, the real reason Klaus is fighting so hard and not listening to anyone around him?  His heart is broken. Elijah rejected him despite knowing who he was. Now Klaus is alone and floundering and has no morale compass.  This becomes clear when Marcel, desperate to save the people Klaus is keeping hostage, gets Klaus to confess.

This results in a moment of tenderness between two people who have tried to kill each other as often as comfort or aid each other.  Marcel takes Klaus’ shoulder and tells him he understands. He wants to help. I think he might even be offering to fill in for Elijah and for a second, I think Klaus wants to say yes.  

This ends when a box arrives and upon opening it, the two men realize Hayley has been mutilated.  Klaus freaks out and goes to kill his hostages.

Nearly Losing Josh

I really thought for a second we were going to lose Josh, but Vincent arrived in time to save him from Klaus.  We did lose the witch and werewolf, but Josh slipped away. Vincent did one more better. He told Klaus it was time he paid for all the innocent blood he had shed, which resulted in Klaus retouching blood onto the floor.  

And just where were these special abilities before now Vincent?   

I Can’t Save Her if the City Doesn’t Fear Me . . . and Neither Can You

Marcel talks to Klaus while he lays chained in a supposedly magical coffin.  Klaus admits a few things, but the most important is that he knows what he’s doing at all times.  He knows he alienated the city. He knows he is making enemies. He is doing it on purpose because he believes it is the only way to win the game and get Hayley back . . . and now he believes they must do it together.  

The King is Back in Town . . . or is it Kings?  

The vampires, witches, and werewolves might think this spells disaster, but I’m personally psyched to see what Klaus and Marcel running New Orleans together looks like!  The team-up couldn’t have come too soon either. Klaus discovers a coin in the box he was sent and realizes that an old enemy is behind the disappearance of Hayley.

Questions for next Time:

Has Hayely actually been mutilated?  

Maybe somebody should go force Elijah to return in order to get control of Klaus?  

Where the hell is Rebecca?  

Is Vincent a hell of a lot more powerful than we thought?  

What would a war between Klaus and Vincent even look like?   

Will Hayley forgive Klaus for what he has had to do to get her back?