Source: ABC Network / OUAT

With the second half of Once Upon A Time season five about to start, there is a lot I am looking forward to. Even though I do have to wait until Wednesday when it goes up on Netflix over here!

So. In the first half of this series, Emma was the Dark One and struggling to control the darkness in her. They’re helping King Arthur to free Merlin because he is the only one who knows how to rid her of the darkness. They free Merlin from being a tree and Arthur shows his true colors. With Zelena’s help, he binds Merlin to Excalibur which is the other half of the Dark One dagger. Emma’s loved ones are taken hostage and in the ensuing fight, Hook is injured. In order to save him, Emma embraces her dark magic and binds him to Excalibur in Merlin’s place. They return to Storybrooke without their memories and when Hook discovers the truth, he uses his dark powers to resurrect the previous Dark Ones, planning on sending Emma’s loved ones to the Underworld in their place. Emma however has mended Excalibur, allowing it to destroy either light or darkness. On the shores of the lake, Hook eventually takes the sword and uses it to absorb all the magic from the Dark Ones and sacrifices himself in order to destroy it once and for all. Except Rumpelstiltskin has decided he wants all that power for himself and has changed the sword so it does just that, when Hook sacrifices himself, the dark magic goes back into Rumple. Emma discovers this and is now leading her extended family into the Underworld to rescue Hook by sharing her heart with him in the same way her parents now do. Regina thinks this plan might just work. But with the knowledge that Hades is going to be in this series, I don’t think the Lord of the Underworld is going to be quite so willing to let Killian Jones go.

I am going into each episode as blind as possible in order to gain maximum impact and I have got to say, I am really excited to see where this show is going!