In a fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride of an episode, Team Scorpion tries to stop the smuggling of a dangerous biochemical weapon that can wipe out an entire race in South America. The genocide bomb is being transported via badass cars owned by some thugs, so the gang decides to infiltrate the business. In the process, Happy and Toby hash out some relationship issues, Cabe gets a visit from a friend of the past, and Walter puts his street racing skills to the test once again.

So I would first like to point out that contrary to all the logical sense it would make, this Fast and Furious inspired episode was not directed Justin Lin. And not once did they make an O’Brien/O’Connor reference or parallel — very disappointing. I mean, come on! That reference is so painfully obvious it’s almost comical.

Anyway, this episode has a pretty complicated case, so bare with me in case I leave any small details out. Let’s just hit on the big points. So the team gets a visit from Cabe’s friend from years ago, Mick, and Mick needs some pretty big help. Mick mentions the genocide bomb, but Scorpion isn’t so sure there’s enough evidence. But Cabe tells them that he owes Mick for a childhood debt and he’s trustworthy, so they decide to take the case and snoop around the thugs’ garage for concrete evidence. Things are going pretty well… if you can call being kidnapped going “pretty well,” but it’s ok because they’re really just taken to another garage with prettier cars. The thugs actually ask Walter for help downloading new software for their underground, very illegal business, and he uses this time to try and find evidence of the genocide bomb, but they don’t find anything. Toby says they have to look for hard copy files because these guys wouldn’t trust all their illegal info to be left to a computer.

They need a way to get all the guys out of the room so they can look around the office for the files, and Toby comes up with an interesting plan. He bets the head thug that Walter can beat any of his guys in a street race. Happy tells Walter to stall the race so that she has time to look for the files, and Walter complies for a little while. But then Happy asks him to lose the race and ask for a rematch to buy more time, and well, Walter’s ego gets the best of him and ends up winning the race instead. So now Happy’s found the files (oh ya, turns out Mick wasn’t lying about the genocide bomb), but the thugs get back to the office too quick and they find Happy and hold the gang at gunpoint. Cabe crashes his car though the garage and gets the team out safely.

As it turns out, Mick was the bad guy here all along. Who would have guessed! Apparently whoever the genocide bomb was being delivered to was willing to pay big money to whoever brought it to him — a hefty sum of 5 million. Mick was going to escape with the genocide bomb, but Scorpion had the idea of using his girlfriend to bait him back. It almost worked too, except Mick really didn’t care for the girl as much as cared for the money. So the case ends in a high speed chase down the LA Freeway, and Cabe and Mick play a little game of chicken, just like that scene from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Cabe arrests Mick, and Mick kind of feels bad that he totally shattered Cabe’s trust. A little to late for that Mick…

In the midst of this crazy plot, Happy is growing exceedingly more concerned about Toby’s gambling habits, which she only just learned the extent of since she started dating him. Throughout the episode, Toby makes quips about all the danger he got himself into through gambling. Happy and Paige have a little heart to heart, and it’s clear that Happy is really worried that Toby won’t ever be able to stop and one day he’ll get into some serious trouble.

At the end of the episode, Walter apologizes for letting his ego get the best of him, thereby putting the team in danger. Toby then boldly states that it was all his knowledge of thugs that saved the team and he had no reason to apologize ever.

Ok maybe now’s a good time to mention that Toby was being kind of horrible this whole episode. He jumped from being a total asshole to smothering Happy with obnoxious affection. Lately he’s been quite arrogant, cocky, and rude. I’m not sure where this behavior is coming from, but it’s really unjustified in my opinion. I’ve stressed my anger with his self-sabotage excuse before. His behavior is effecting my view of him as a character, and I hope this new Toby doesn’t stick around. Is this recent character development going to be a driving force for the final episodes? I hope Toby comes to some sort of realization soon or Happy’s going to dump him.

And Happy actually does call him out on his crap. Seriously. She pulls him to the roof and yells at him to the point where she’s nearly crying (and then I got emotional because Happy Quinn was getting emotional…it was rough). She tells him that he’s an idiot for thinking that all the gambling is good for him. And she says that during her years in the foster system, every home promised stability and happiness, and every single one of them lied. She tells him that she looks at him and sees someone with the potential to be unreliable, and that she will not stand to be hurt again. Toby then promises to give up gambling forever and he tells her he loves her and they hug it out. A resolution of sorts…
But that doesn’t exactly sound like a promise Toby can keep. Foreshadowing maybe? Oh boy…what lies ahead for Quintis?

Another question — what about Waige? We really haven’t got much from them in a while, but the writers promise that the last episodes will have huge developments for them. I’m fine with the wait, because honestly it takes ships forever to get together in shows, and hey, they need something to write in season 3.

I really enjoyed the character development from Happy in this episode, though I can’t exactly say the same for Toby. Cabe got a nice piece of backstory, and Sylvester won $100,00 from the Price is Right to put towards naming the infant ward at the hospital after Megan. We’re nearing the end of the season now, so all the loose ends are about to be tied up. But probably not before some major drama goes down, so hold on to your hats folks, because these final episodes are going to wild.