Photo Source: ambientwriting.tumblr.com

Want some exciting news to start off the week, my dear Sherlockians?

Season 4 of Sherlock, which is set to begin filming this spring, is slowly becoming a
reality, thanks to some recent tweets from Arwel Wyn Jones, one of the show’s
production designers.

Always a tease to the fans, Jones shared these photos on his Twitter account (@arwelwjones):

“The game is on…”


Photo Source: Arwel Wyn Jones Twitter

“Hmmmm! Now the gold paper connects to the green paper… To the tone of ‘hip bone connected to the thigh bone’ “


Photo Source: Arwel Wyn Jones Twitter

Hands up if the sight of the wallpaper pattern makes you emotionally vulnerable…

With the current filming schedule, Season 4 is set to air in January 2017. THREE YEARS after Season 3. New record, guys.