Kinsey and Tyler finally find a key hidden in the piano, they can hear the weird chanting that points to its location. So far they have found the anywhere key, the mirror key, the head key, and the ghost key. However, they anywhere key, Bode gave it to the Well lady, who has been wreaking havoc on the world and trying to gather more keys. She stole the fire key and murdered a little boy for it. Now, this music key fits an intricate-looking music box. But what does this box do, we soon find out as Kinsey and Tyler are talking and he begins to do what she tells him too. The person who inserts the key becomes a puppetmaster so to speak. So of course, Kinsey uses the key to do dastardly deeds against Eden her arch-nemesis. She gets caught by another student and he ends up using the box again Eden. But Scot is not too happy with what they are doing and tries to stop them but they feel she deserves that and more. Seems like the keys might be affecting Kinsey’s personality or is it because her fear is gone?

Then Bode is caught at school with a hammer, obvious protection from the Well lady. His mom doesn’t understand and he can’t exactly explain things to her. But we do know that the key has to be given, they cannot be taken. So the Well lady has to get violent. Meanwhile, Kinsey is still playing her tricks on Eden, and Tyler finds out. Ellie comes to visit and claims to have been there looking for her son’s toy. She is becoming more and more suspicious and then Nina notices a scar on her chest. And the story she gives doesn’t seem to make sense from the look on her face. Turns out its the same scar her deceased husband had. Now she is trying to get to the bottom of it. It must be part of the big secret Rendell was hiding.

It seems to me that Nina just needs to investigate for herself and stop asking questions. They are either all hiding something or lying about it. Then Scot, inadvertently tells Kinsey that he read an article about her dad and his friends drowning in some caves after they graduated. Nina still being suspicious learned that Ellie was at her house for a different reason. But Ellie was not home when she visited, so she goes to Joe’s house after getting a voicemail from him because he found out some information. Then lo and behold Kinsey hears another key, she finds this one in a vase outside by a headstone. And the key is a flower key, that has a keyhole in a tree. Kinsey begs her brother, who is mad at her for what she did to Eden, to stay with her and find out what happens. This could lead to information about their dad.

They try the key and from the ground up pops glowing jars with memories in them. The memories are of their dad when they were young and we hear the name Lucas again. The jars show their dad using the keys and then they cross a not so good memory. And it looks like someone was killed in the memory. They start freaking out and wonder what that could mean and they begin to question who their dad really is. Yall know Nina done went to Joe’s house and she found him alright. And he was good and dead. Whatever information he had to give her, is gone with him. Guess who else was “visiting” Joe? Ellie. She has more secrets than we know.