This weeks episode of Arrow was slow at first, more story line based than action packed, but we did get some very interesting story lines and an introduction to a new character in the DC live action universe(this character is in an animated series). Felicity starts working on her rehab for walking and she is not seeing results as fast as she would like and getting pretty frustrated with it. She has to be reminded that it’s not always about the results, it’s about the healing, something to foreshadow for later in the episode.

So as we caught on towards the last episode, Damian Darhk knows that Oliver has a son that he cares about more than anyone else in the world. So Darhk is able to get a hold of William and keep him hostage. He tells Oliver that he has William, and he has to drop out of the race, he says this in front of Felicity, who asks Oliver who is William. This is when Oliver finally tells Felicity that he has a son named William, this obviously shocks Felicity to the core. Another time of broken trust between them. Oliver obviously wants to get William back, so he tells the rest of the team, John Diggle, Laurel, who is hurt because she finds out that the child was conceived when they were still dating, and to Thea, who already knew. Oliver says that he needs to recruit some help to fight Darhk, and he says he knows someone named Vixen who fights out of Detroit, he goes to Detroit to ask for her assistance to use magic against magic.

Vixen is someone who found a pendant, which allows her to channel the spirit of any animal she can think of and use those abilities, which she uses throughout the episode. She has keen sense of smell and is able to get a trace of William from smelling a Flash action figure of his. The first round did not end well for team Arrow and Vixen, Darhk’s powers were still to strong, even for Vixen and Darhk was able to thwart an attack and escape before they were able to over take him. While regrouping and thinking up a plan b strategy they realize that he might have an artifact which he draws his powers from like Vixen. Detective Lance said he saw Darhk around some object before and would draw it up, they figure that he might have an object which can act like a wi-fi signal for his powers that he keeps at a place near him. It is something he moves around as needed, After Felicity runs some tests she has the likely place it could be, and the team converges on the location, which is where Darhk, and William is at.

Vixen channels the power of a hawk to fly to the house and bust in through the roof, then after Darhk threw her to the side, she changes to a panther to hustle to get the totem for Darhk and escapes. He realizes what happened and couldn’t believe it but goes out to fight Green Arrow, Speedy and Black Canary. Darhk is able to keep them at bay, while Diggle is with Vixen, as Vixen tries to channel a gorilla to break the totem. After a number of attempts, I lost count, Vixen is finally able to smash the totem and the magic that Darhk is able to wield disappears. The team is quickly able to subdue Darhk, but the cops are close by so the team leaves but are able to free William.

While talking with the authorities William tells them that a man missing a hand took him, and not Damian Darhk, which is obviously Malcolm Merlin. This makes Thea very upset understandably. She tells Malcolm she doesn’t to listen to his lies anymore. He says that Thea was weak and would have been dead a few times over if it wasn’t for him.

Oliver decides that it is in Williams best interest if he doesn’t know that he is his father until he is 18. When he is doing it Felicity comes in and hears the tail end of it. She gets upset again because not only is Oliver not telling her the truth, he doesn’t include her in making this decision. She says she can’t go through with this anymore, being on the team, and feeling emotionally attached, and not feeling as if she knows what’s going on, she takes off her ring and sets it on the table, saying she is done. At that moment she feels a twitch of her feet, and is able to get up out of the wheel chair, and literally walk out on Oliver as the episode concludes…