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The X-Files: S11E10 “My Struggle IV” Review

Whenever a show is about to end, and you’ve been watching it for years, you can be overwhelmed with different emotions.

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The X-Files: S11E09 “Nothing Lasts Forever” Review

This was a great episode. It was fun, gory, thought provoking, and just an example of what this show can do at its height.

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The X-Files: S11E08 “Familiar” Review

Overall, I actually really liked this episode, even though it’s incredibly flawed. Again, the striking images are wonderful, the horror is very well done, and anytime with Mulder and Scully is a good time. Good direction can save a weak script, and this is a great example of that. We have two episodes left, this hasn’t been a perfect season, but I still want more.

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The X-Files: S11E07 “Rm9sbG93ZXJz” Review

If someone’s going to be on a porch, on a rocking chair, lecturing me about how things were in the good old days when they didn’t have all this new fangled technology, and how it’s ruining everything… I’m happy that I’m being told in an entertaining way like this.

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The X-Files: S11E06 “Kitten” Review

Maybe I’m asking to much of this episode, because as much as I’ve complained about it, it’s still a competent episode. The action beats worked, I cared about the mystery, and the bits of horror worked.

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The X-Files: S11E05 “Ghouli” Review

This whole episode is about what we see, as apposed to what is actually there, and it’s smart about it.

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The X-Files: S11E04 “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat” Review

It’s hard to write a review of this episode without constantly saying that this episode is weird.

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The X-Files: S11E03 “Plus One” Review

If this episode was just introspective conversations, it wouldn’t quite be X-Files, so we got to find a metaphor somewhere to scare the audience… Doppelgangers will do.

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The X-Files: S11E02 “This” Review

You ever have that thing happen to you where people start shooting at you, and you’re like “Oh man, why is this happening this time?”… No? Me neither… But that must be what it’s like to be Mulder and Scully on a regular basis.

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The X-Files: S11E01 “My Struggle III” Review

I really don’t want to talk about this episode. I mean, I signed up for it, and I love X-Files, but not this episode.

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