Have you ever thought, ”You know what would be awesome? Being a super crazy, highly trained, bald secret agent for the government that’s tasked with taking down potential threats to not only the country but the world?” Cause I know I have.

Well in Hitman: Absolution, you’ll definitely get the chance to be just that! Agent 47 is back for another mission, but this time it hits entirely too close to home. One of his closest personal friends has gone AWOL and taken a person of great interest out of the agency and away from prying eyes. Your very first mission in the game is to track them down, get past the guards and security defenses, retrieve the package, and assassinate this ‘friend’ by any means possible.

While going through this mission you get the chance to go through the basics of killing barehanded, with a taut, strong wire, and with your dual-wielded silenced handguns, as well as using the objects in your surroundings to distract nearby enemies, using bins and closets to not only hide the guards you take down, but yourself as well, and show you various alternatives to getting through your mission unscathed. You’re also able to acquire nearly any of the outfits of your victims, effectively masking you from any suspicious eyes. After finding out that your target package is actually a small girl that the agency was using as a lab rat, you begin to discover more dark secrets and have to question if you should follow the agency’s orders anymore.

It’s an amazing storyline with intense action sequences and fascinating cut scenes. You get roped in from the beginning, even if you’ve never played another Hitman game in your life. The controls are simple and easy to use, but entertaining, various, and numerous in their combinations. I’ve played this game many a time, and I can and will always recommend it as a great past time. It’s currently available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and may be available in PS4 and Xbox One. Check your local shops just to be safe, and try this game out for yourself! Be the agent and decide: Is it better to follow orders, or trust your gut instinct? Play the game and get to know just what kind of agent you’d be.