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Jane the Virgin: Chapter 31

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

New year, new shocking twists!

For the majority of the hour, it seemed like this would be a relatively uneventful episode of Jane the Virgin–no major revelations, no crazy romance drama, no deaths…you know, something light to ease us back into Jane’s world. But then, in the last minute: BAM! …More on that in a bit.

Jane’s major battle this episode was with Mateo. She’s the typical first time mother who cannot stand to hear her baby cry at night. She felt like she was being selfish just leaving him in his crib, but she’s not. He’s playing you, Jane! He’s got you eating out the palms of his little baby hands! In typical Jane the Virgin fashion, we watched Jane’s struggle with getting Mateo to sleep through the night like it was a basketball highlight reel (who else loved what it said for their weight? I am also 100-and-none-of-your-damn-business), and Team Villanueva’s strongest player is definitely Alba.

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

In other grandma related news, Glam-ma (Rogelio’s mom) came to visit, and she was all upset because her husband, Abuelo, is gay. I felt all bad for her and stuff but then we all found out that she’s known all along! It was an arrangement! But why?? And why is she so upset now? Questions that will be answered in time, I suppose. We did get to see Rogelio being a kind and caring son to his “sad” mother. His character development has been so fun to watch; he started as a real life telenovela character and now he’s slowly becoming a real man!

Our subplots this week involved Petra and Rafael fighting her murder charges and Michael and Susanna using Luisa’s help to find Mutter.

Magda’s a bitch–we all know that, but we didn’t know she’d be so careless! The knife she “chose” as the murder weapon is brand new and wasn’t even IN the Marbella at the time of the murder, and Rafael could vouch for that. So Magda was hauled away for fabricating evidence–hopefully murder charges will follow. The narrator wanted us to forget something Magda said (and I did forget the exact wording tbh) but basically she told her daughter to watch out. Uh oh! Now for an important question: Is Rafael being so kind because he is starting to have feelings for Petra again? Or is it because she’s carrying his children and he’s a decent guy?

On to Mutter, and the biggest OMG moment of the episode…Luisa help Susanna and Michael locate her mother and it turns out she died living on a lake about 8 years ago. That means that there’s no way that Luisa’s mother could’ve been Mutter, but do you know who could’ve been? Cut to Rafael, who is having a conversation with his mother, Elena. She asks him to get something of hers out of his closet when he sees BLUE SILK TIES (Mutter’s M.O.) wrapped around her letters. He noticed right away and seemed to be calling Michael when BAM! She shot him with some drugs and knocked him out. Rafael’s mother is Mutter! And his step-mother is Sin Rostro! Can this poor man ever catch a break?

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