Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Honestly, everything about this episode is blurry and lame compared to Amy CHASING DOWN A PERP IN A WEDDING DRESS! Yeah, you can be girly and still kick ass. This was a message Rosa tried to convey to Amy throughout the episode, who was scared to get excited about wedding dress shopping because she worried it would affect people’s perception of her. But, if you’re excited about wedding dresses, don’t hide it! They’re beautiful! I get excited every time I SEE a wedding dress! If you’re not excited about wedding dresses, that’s okay too. The point is, a piece of clothing doesn’t dictate who you are—and Amy proved that. My only question is…does the NYPD foot the bill to fix the damage to that dress??

Elsewhere, Boyle is drowning in debt and misery because of his stupid food truck. He hates it, but owes too much to too many people to quit, so it was actually good news when he and Jake found out someone burned his truck down. The only problem? The insurance inspector brought in to approve or deny his claim was ADRIAN PIMENTO! And he’s still crazy…and pissed about not being invited to Jake and Amy’s wedding. He originally denies Boyle’s claim until they work things out and realize that Boyle’s former employee burned it down out of spite. Sometimes, things work out in strange ways, I guess. Or is that JUST on TV?

Back at the 99, Holt received social media lessons from Terry and Gina, because his commissioner competition is a social media pro. The problem is, Holt is just not that type of guy—he tweets like a bot. Because he is a real life bot. If he’s gonna win commissioner, he’s gotta do it on his own merit…not with retweets.