Episode Synopsis:

John Cho (“Star Trek Beyond,” SLEEPY HOLLOW) Guest-Stars

Jess eagerly reports to jury duty, until she discovers she may be up for a work promotion. Meanwhile, Nick reaches his limit with Cece’s messiness in the loft


The Gang:

Jess- From the start of this episode, we got to see that Jess is pretty much the mom of the whole gang. Just trying to keep everyone in line and making sure they don’t do anything stupid while she’s gone. Unfortunately, her “children” got out of control at the loft and she had to try to fix it over the phone. The best revelation was that Schmidt realized that Cece is practically the girl version of Nick. Who would have thought? Back at jury duty, Jess attempted to get out of it in order to be the stand in principal at school, but of course failed because she cared about being a good juror. She ended up having to be a juror for a month, and that’s where we see Zooey exit the show for a few episodes, and Megan Fox will be coming in.

Nick, Schmidt,Cece & Winston- The groups banter throughout the episode was pretty hilarious. What made me laugh from the beginning was that Nick was so annoyed with Cece for being messy, but we’ve always seen in the past that Nick is always considered the messy one in the loft, for not cleaning anything up in his room. It was just funny to see him angry at someone else that was more messy than him. Also, it was just great to see more screen time between Nick and Cece in general, because we never get to see that. Schmidt also had some conflicts in this episode that could potentially be relatable in the real world. He had to watch his best friend and fiancé fight not only about each others pet peeves about each other, but about how much time they spend with Schmidt. I loved that he left to go cry at the Denim Bar. That’s so Schmidt. And on the other side of all this craziness, Winston was dealing with his own problem. Of course the situation of him hammering into a wall and causing a huge chunk of it to fall off was completely crazy, but it’s Winston after all. He does crazy things. And the fact that no one else really cared in the end was kind of funny. Finally, at the end, it was nice to see the group read some of Jess’s comments for them. More mothering from Jess.

This episode was ok for me. It felt more like a filler episode since it was preparing the send off for Zooey, but I’m interested to see the upcoming episodes with Megan Fox. I pray that her character is a nice addition to the group while our New Girl is gone.