Hey there strangers! Welcome back to another TGON Plays installment. Tell me, kids, have you ever dreamed of being a Ninja? Have you ever dreamt of owning and playing a video game that allows you to do all the Ninja-ly things that a Ninja would do? For example: Using Throwing Stars, sneaking through intensely guarded areas without being detected and taking down bad guys in secretive, but completely awesome ways? Then Tenchu Z is TOTALLY the game for you.

I like to think this game was created entirely me for me, but I’m not so selfish that I wouldn’t share it with you, my lovely mindless gamers. It follows a character who, with their partner’s help, intend to weed out the poisonous government officials that are planning on destroying their beautiful and peaceful village. On top of being able to acquire a multitude of endless weapons to destroy your enemies with, your character is ALSO customizable! You can choose different outfits, hairstyles, sword sheathes and faces! Your armory consists of bombs, smoke grenades, health, poison, throwing stars, and so on.
To add to the beauty, you can upgrade your fighting style and take out baddies in new and fun ways!

There’s also a training course at the beginning of the game that teaches you how to use the controls. I know, I  know, you always skip the training course…but seriously don’t skip this one, you’ll be so confused. You’ll fall in love with this game as much as I did, and you’ll get addicted, like I did.
One thing I adore about this game is that the missions differ. Sometimes you’re sent in for a rescue mission, sometimes it’s an assassination, and sometimes you’re meant to sneak through the area undetected and do nothing more than gather intel. How freaking fantastic is that?!

I love this game with a fiery passion, and while the ORIGINAL Tenchu can be found on the PlayStation One, Tenchu Z can be found ONLY on the Xbox 360. Sorry PSN fans, this game is for the cool kids. I’m sure you can find it formatted to a computer, and good luck in doing so.
That’s all I have for this week. Tune in next time for another TGON plays!