Good news everyone, Sheldon isn’t sick anymore!  Yay!  We can all be mad at him for being an ass (again).  It seems that Sheldon is even more high maintenance when he’s under the weather. Even with his friends trying to help?

Yep he is still an ass.

With everyone giving him the cold shoulder, Sheldon turns to Amy, who is still at her convention (that ended 3 days ago).  She suggests that maybe Sheldon was ungrateful to his friends when he was sick.  She suggests apologizing to them.  Before Sheldon apologizes to everybody, he finds out that his friends are going to Vegas (on a party bus) without him.  Leonard tells Sheldon that if he apologized to everybody (and in turn, been forgiven by everyone), he can go on the trip.  Challenge Accepted (sorry, wrong fandom #HIMYM).

So Sheldon starts his apology tour. With colorful T Shirts for everyone, he apologizes to everyone, including Stuart (who didn’t know about the trip to Las Vegas).  But when he tries to apologies to Emily, he ends up insulting her (again).  She responds by not forgiving him and refusing to go on the trip if he is going as well.

After that, Sheldon decides not to go, but changes his mind and sneaks on the party bus (with Stuart).  Sheldon again apologizes to Emily, but this time meaning it.  Emily, seeing his sincerity, forgives him and they watch Raj dance on the stripper pole (who knew party buses had stripper poles?)

All in all, another non-Shamy episode. I love how Sheldon is growing, and how we are growing with him.  Until next week nerds!