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Source: The 100 // CW Network

If you haven’t noticed, The CW has a great lineup of programming, and this season the Game of Nerds will be adding The 100 to our roster. If you have yet to watch The 100 you better start watching, seasons 1 and 2 are currently on Netflix. I can tell you you won’t be sorry, it is very binge worthy as you work to get caught up, and when you finally do you can’t wait to watch the next week’s episode. So as this is the initial coverage of the show to my knowledge I will try to keep relatively spoiler free, while also covering the important points for the upcoming season. So the world decided they were going to have a bomb party, and by that I mean a nuclear war. That ends as bad as one would think, roughly 97 years ago if you were watching from season 1. So as the inhabitants of earth know that a war is happening plan an escape from earth for obvious reasons. They don’t want to be caught in the cross fire, don’t know if earth will be live able with all the pollution, so they built something to take them into space.As you would expect resources will eventually start to run out while being in orbit for such a long time, some decisions had to be made for various reasons. With this dilemma 100 individuals are sent to earth to see if it is a live able environment these days. We follow the two sides interacting with each other from the ground and the sky. As you would think they encounter life on the ground, many struggles happen from this. Internal struggles as the 100 try to find themselves and their way, to an old station on the ground that was once set up before war, potential life on the ground, people, and they obvious turmoil from talking with people still in space. As we enter into season 3, we have a scattered group, with scattered views with many mysteries yet to solve from days gone by. I hope you join me as we will work our way through season 3 this year.