Arrow returns with a bang and lots of action this week. We pick up after a brutal devastating attack by Darhk against Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak shortly after leaving the press conference. At the press conference Oliver was giving an update on his stances for running for mayor, why he picked the district as his line in the sand, and how he was not afraid of hiding and calling out his enemies. After all those fireworks he proposed marriage to Felicity which she accepted. Leaving that they were attacked, somehow Oliver appeared to make it through the bullets injury free. However as we closed the first half of the season we could see Felicity was hit pretty bad.

After seeing the latest teaser for the upcoming episode we see that Oliver is all sorts of riled up and sees nothing but rage and wants to track down Darhk and confront him about the acts he has done. We know he wants to get revenge for the attack, but in the latest promo we get a little more information.

One we learn that Felicity had surgery and we are not sure how it turns out after the attack. We see Felicity’s mom very distraught upon seeing Oliver at the hospital and Speedy said that they wouldn’t say what’s wrong. We also see Oliver standing over a grave in the cemetery saying to himself, “I’m going to kill him.”

At this point I am just going to say I think some of the preview’s jump cuts don’t fall in order of the episode.

Going back to where we are at, we see team Arrow minus Felicity on the hunt for Darhk, at some point him and Oliver do face off, and we see what looks like the return of Anarky as if the team didn’t have enough enemies to deal with.

So of course I have to talk about the elephant in the room, the big cliff hanger hook that we have seen teased from the beginning a death. I think the obvious pick for awhile was Felicity, I was thinking it was going to be Sara so she would have an easy transition to Legends of Tomorrow. After thinking about the previous episode, and how this played out, I have a new theory, I think I have it all mapped out, I hope I’m wrong. I’ll even give you a chance to close up and move on with your day.

You sure you want to see what I have to say? Check after the jump!

OK, I believe the grave is going to be Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen’s unborn child. I’m thinking that Felicity will not know that she was pregnant in the attack and is sadly going to lose the baby. It gives Oliver the understandable motivation to “kill him” as he said earlier, it also doesn’t lose a core character at this stage of the story. It was said that Felicity is out of surgery making it sound like she lives, also if you look back at the previous episodes where Oliver was finding out he was a father, and finding himself, and how it was causing problems in his relationship with Felicity, I think that story line was also some sort of set up for this angle.

So don’t send me hate mail if you don’t agree with my prediction or if it turns out I solved this, but what is your prediction on the grave?