We now get a four-year flashback to the Mr. Ryan – that Reeva seems to have a connection with. We see where their partnership actually began. We find out that one of the major drives behind his Anti-Mutant propaganda was actually just a jumping off point, a step ladder to fame and power. He had several failed business’ a failed run at congress – a failed opportunist, seeing the wave of anti-mutant hate after 715 and have been attempting to ride it to fame and fortune. Surprisingly, this is where Reeva tells him she’s here to help. “How would you like to be the most important man in America?” Realistically, no narcissist is going to turn that down.


Reeva tasks Mr. Ryan with a certain requirement, which he places onto Jace Turner, exterminating the Morlocks. Turner is an interesting example of how easy it is for people in power to prey on those that have suffered any kind of loss. They are incredibly easy to manipulate, to conflate their own grief with personal interests that suit those higher up. Benedict Ryan’s vendetta against the mutants, whilst simultaneously gaining undying notoriety, allows him to completely exploit and influence Turner into doing whatever he pleases. Regardless of how little Turner now resembles the man that he once was, one who wouldn’t massacre a group of people in cold blood. Turner mightn’t see this clearly but his group of Purifiers are being turned into hit-men, assassins. Where no justice applies.


After one of their own goes missing (thanks to Marcos) The Inner Circle and their entire compound are put in lock-down. No cell service, elevators disabled and no one allowed to enter or exit the building.

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The attack on the Morlocks is something that although appears terrible, but will bridge the gap between the Mutant Underground and the Morlocks themselves. Forcing them to spend a minimum of a few days together is something that is sure to mend preconceived notions and prejudices. Solve differences and possibly unite the two groups together. Instill a realization that they all want the same thing. Marcos and John lead the group to help bring the Morlocks to safety.

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The Morlocks utilize their best methods of defence, putting up false walls, making the Purifiers lose themselves in the tunnels, along with invisible attacks.


All-out war takes place between the remaining Morlocks and Jace’s team of Purifier assassins. Embodying the harsh, grim realities of the kinds of unwarranted attacks and determination of men blinded by ignorance and hate.

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The discussion of refugees and loss of homelands is prevalent in these last few episodes, particularly today’s. The absolute loss of human rights occurs when these situations arise. There is also a strong surge of dehumanization of these people, viewing them as vermin, as ‘less-than’ always as something beneath those who consider themselves ‘regular’ or righteous.

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We end with a side-by-side juxtaposition, of Clarice being shot in the back, witnessed by John who is unable to do anything but watch as she’s perforated by multiple bullets, and her portal collapses, leaving her on the other side. This juxtaposed with Jace turner finding one of the Morlock children’s teddy bears, seeming to come to some sort of realization or recognition of what he’s actually done just now. An annihilation, an extermination, no justice, pure brutality. No possibility of ethically or morally justifying the actions that were taken.