As some of you may know, or perhaps nobody in the world knows because nobody seemed to notice, I went back with the intention of finishing the Leftovers season 2 to review. So I went to load up my on demand options and ran across this instead.


That settles that, nobody likes leftovers as much as a fresh main course anyways. So I binge watched episodes 1-9 in one weekend, and had to wait it out for the season one finale. What can I tell you about 10 episodes of this series? It’s awesome, it’s campy, it’s gory, don’t get attached to to many characters, I wish it was longer. I don’t ever want to go to Jacksonville and it’s strange magic powers.

The buildup shows Ash living beneath his potential in a trailer, at a dead end job, taking no initiative to better himself physically, mentally, professionally, he was just existing, existing to not be noticed. As you would expect, things out of this world were starting to occur, as much as tried to hang back, hide and deny what was going on, it quickly becomes obvious to him what was happening and that the deadites were back and would not stop. He very reluctantly embraced his shotgun and chainsaw arm to fight evil. He got himself two trusty side kicks to ride with him figuratively and literally on the quest to defeat evil.

Middle section of season one sees some powerful demon’s make its way to earth. The demons don’t make things easy for Ash and crew with a number of very close calls. The group knows that they could use extra help facing the evil and are not against adding another member to the team.

Towards the end of the season the group has an extremely epic showdown, they have to face not only the cabin, but a mysterious character who you will recognize but I will not name. As you grow to love in this campy, over the top show, is blood, and cursing, and extremely over the top antics.

You don’t have to be up to date on this timeless classic to enjoy this show. It stands alone fine on it’s own, but watching the movie first is not a bad idea. I wish I remembered to watch this show sooner and from the beginning. All I know for sure is I won’t be vacationing in Jacksonville ever.