“Aw, Hell, the King” and “Bewitched, Bothered and Belittled”


Source: Spoilertv.com

The writing team of “Galavant” has truly embraced the buddy-buddy friendship (and annoyance) of Galavant and King Richard. They adventure together, they sing and dance together and they try to save the day…together. While Richard is gung-ho, Galavant actively tries to shed him like snakeskin.

This week’s episodes highlighted the show’s reality-meets-musical format even more. The opening song poked at the Founding Fathers idea of “democracy” (white, male, landowners) in a catchy tune. Richard has lost his castle-courtesy of the citizens using it for businesses and homes-and Galavant’s quest to save Isabella is met with looks of “meh.” They aren’t given an army to save Isabella but rather a Bobbi; Richard’s friend from youth joins their fair company and proves very handy with a sword.

Galavant sees an opportunity to rid himself of Richard (and stop that unicorn from following him) by hooking him up with Bobbi. This fails SPECTACULARLY due in part to Richard having never understood women and being the awkwardest man to ever awkward.

Meanwhile in Valencia: Isabella has been brainwashed by a magical crown and has embraced marrying her 11 year-old cousin. It’s just as creepy as it sounds.

The feels of the night belong to Queen Madalena. We see her origin story: being taunted by mean princesses and later roasted by those same evil women. The tormented became the tormentors. It is classic psych 101 and showed the humanity of Madalena.

Our heroes are twisting in the wind, Bobbi has heart eyes for Richard and Isabella is in faux love with her preteen cousin. Where oh where will we head next week? Stay tuned!