Source: The Big Bang Theory // CBS

First off, I would like to say how much I am glad that all this Shamy drama is over with.  Now, we can sit back, relax, and watch TBBT go back to its glory!
It starts with Amy going to a work convention, leaving Sheldon with some time on his hands.  After turning down Howard’s offer to help with the house remodeling, Sheldon decides to spend his weekend in the telescope room with Raj.  Raj and Sheldon get to work, only to find a very small and simple asteroid.  Well, at least they can name it.  After Sheldon promises to name all of his children Rajesh, he names the star “Amy”.  How romantic!

In other news, Stuart is moving out!  Excited at first, Howard and Bernadette help Stuart pack.  After he leaves however, they find little things that remind them of Stuart.  What does this mean exactly?

On the other side of town, Penny is having a hard day.  She can’t get a sales interview with the psychiatrist, Dr. Gallo (played by the awesome Jane Kaczmarek), so she asks Leonard to have a session with Dr. Gallo, and maybe talk about his awesome wife and her awesome job??? Since Leonard is a pushover, he goes, only to find out that Dr. Gallo disagrees with his mother’s parenting theories.  Comforted by that thought, Leonard has a very successful therapy session (and not only because he got Penny a sales interview).  Penny is ecstatic, but when she goes for her sales pitch, Dr. Gallo is more interested why he manipulated Leonard.  Dr. Gallo thinks Leonard married Penny because she is similar to his mother, and surprisingly Penny doesn’t disagree.  Couples Therapy anyone?

All in all, the episode ends with everyone reminiscing about something or someone they missed. Sheldon misses Amy. Penny misses a simpler life. Leonard misses his lost childhood. Howard and Bernadette miss Stuart. And I missed giggling this episode. Not once did I ever get my Sheld-on.