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The Venture Bros. Season 7 Premiere Review w/ Spoilers!

While we will say that we were sad that the episode was a little brief, they thankfully brought back Orpheus and the Triad, but it was a trade off that we didn’t get a lot of screentime from the Monarch clan. Overall the episode has a classic flavor – so classic it pulled mythos from the series’ second episode.

It wouldn’t be The Venture Bros. without being extremely self referential, and the focua of this episode goes all the way back to episode 2 of the first season, when Rusty and the gang go to Jonas Venture Sr’s Gargantua 1 space station to address the red light going off on PROBLEM the first time (clip viewable here). Dean actually refers to this around the end of the episode, to be silenced by his father, before the big reveal (see end of post for spoilers!)

Billy Quizboy, via his mother, serves as the conduit to loop old Team Venture into the issue he and new Team Venture are experiencing at Venture Tower, and of course they know what is up with PROBLEM. Unfortunately, they’re too late as the crew circles in on the problem as they arrive and the reveal is shocking (well, as shocking as things can be in this show’s universe anyways). SPOILER: Upon his death Jonas Venture Sr. had his mates put him in “PROBLEM”, a life sustaining machine, unfortunately not much was left and no one ever expected him to regain any consciousness, except he has… but for how long we don’t know.
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Eagle eyed fans have noted that H.E.L.P.eR. was seen lornfully standing in front of PROBLEM in Season 6’s “Party for Tarzan”, and that early in this episode when Brock sees the robot drop rats from its mouth it is attempting to take them to feed its creator. If onoy Rusty hadn’t deactivated him so the robot couldn’t stop them from open PROBLEM then he likely would have stopped Mr. White’s bone headed move of axeing Dr. Venture Sr. moments after the reveal? Or maybe oine of the super adventurers could’ve stopped him, but then we wouldn’t be left with the cliffhanger of “wtf is going to happen now?!” Will Jonas return in some capacity? Will Venture Tower collapse and result in another move for the first family of super science? Regardless of what happens, we are invested and will be tuning back in to enjoy the rest of the season (even if we’d only give the premiere a B+).

The Venture Bros. – Adult Swim

More importantly we will be returning to see how The Blue Morpho escapes the capture of Wide Wale. We are already openly biased in our adoration for The Monarch and his wife, but Hank is receiving so much character development its hard not to be drawn in by his involvement with Sirena and the twist of him trying to join Wide Wale’s gang to get closer to her. The only thing left we are dying for is more acrive development for Dean!

The Venture Bros. – Adult Swim

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