Hello everyone! So as we all know, Suicide Squad premieres in 2016, and it means a hell of a lot for all the characters involved. But it means the most, ( To me) for one character in particular. Harley Quinn, a villain who started out on the Saturday morning Batman series as nothing more than a love interest to The Joker is one of the leading characters of this movie. Though she started out as a minor character, fans soon fell in love with Harley and before we knew it, she was partnering up with Poison Ivy and starring in her very own comic book series. The appearance of Harley Quinn as a main character in a movie can open a plethora of doors that before, our favorite psychotic psychiatrist didn’t have access to.


Source: yahooentertainment.tumblr.com

If portrayed correctly, it could bring in an entire slew of new fans to support Harley Quinn. I’m more than confident that Margot Robbie, the actress cast to play Dr. Harleen Quinzel in the movie, will do justice to Harley’s complex personality. Suicide Squad is a pivotal moment in Harley’s overall character arc, and it could very well make or break this movie. if it’s successful, Suicide Squad just might open the door for a New 52 Harley Quinn T.V. series! (It’s a longshot, but a girl can dream.) It’s true, maybe I’m just being a hopeful FanGirl. Let us know what you think of the Suicide Squad movie!