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Abbey and Alec together again. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” and Events That Occurred Prior

The big threat this week was a mysterious hallucinogenic death being spread person to person. There’s no denying that the logistics of  this dark virus spreading were a bit clunky, but it did provide us with some great horror bits. Not to mention we were given insight into some of our town folk. 

The sequence with the poor kid that first caught the toxins was fantastic. It was really brutal and visceral, and just kept escalating in all the best ways. Delroy was next on the list, and this is where the show used the plot device for more than just a horror beat. We learned of his horrific and tragic past in regards to his daughter. From there we got to focus on Officer Cable’s connection to her son. Then it got really interesting when it jumping into Abbey’s mind, and we got a glimpse at a mysterious dark figure. While Abbey claimed it’s from childhood nightmares, could this actually end up being a hint at the darkness attacking Marais? Maybe even it’s true form? There was a lot of focus on it, so it makes me think that there is a lot more to it than simply a nightmare. 

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Abbey haunted by a nightmare. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

That nightmare would have likely killed Abbey if it weren’t for our resident Swamp Thing. Alec was able to take the toxin. Alec certainly had looser lips than previously. We see him having actual conversations with Abbey, as he forewarns against the impending darkness. His conversational abilities were a little sudden, given we’ve only ever seen him near silent, but thankfully that didn’t take away from anything. One observation though: the show is establishing that Alec’s person is still very much intact in his new form—yet he doesn’t seem very Alec like to me. Given the dialogue he seems self aware, but yet he doesn’t really act anything like himself. I’m hoping that those ideas are explored at some point. 

With last week ending on a very dark note for Avery Sunderland, it’s no wonder that the show continued its focus on his warped sense of purpose. We see flashes back to his childhood as he buries the body, giving a slight glimpse of an abused boy taught the wrong lessons when he was young. While I’m still not the biggest fan of Will Patton’s performance, the character is shaping up to be the clear cut villain of the town. I mean we see him manipulating his own wife and her suffering simply to make a buck. Not to mention throwing a big town function simply to flaunt his status over others. All the man cares about is himself and his money—the town be damned.

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Alec taking away the toxin. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

“Darkness On The Edge Of Town” moved the overall plot at a bare minimum, but it did give us some great horror sequences as it showed us more of its townsfolk. Not to mention, we seem to be getting closer to some sort of information about this much talked about “darkness”, and the sooner we get that the better. Now with Swamp Thing and Abbey properly acquainted, it will be very intriguing seeing that dynamic continue to play out as the two of them try to figure out what plagues Marais. 

Bonus Notes:

  • Daniel and Madame Xanadu’s storyline completely fell flat this episode, even with the minute or so of screen time they were given.
  • Maria has already seen the recasting affects of something when it came to the boy on the kitchen, yet immediately after that when Delroy started acting the same, she acted like a complete idiot—as if she’d never seen it before. 
  • With this hallucinogenic toxin simply needing to be returned to the swamp (and it’s prison like vessel), does that mean the bigger sickness affecting the town just simply needs to be returned?

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