The story of ABC’s Lucky 7 series is an interesting one. It’s said that legendary film director Steven Spielberg enjoyed the British series, The Syndicate, so much that he wanted to make an American counterpart. He served as an executive producer for the USA-based series created by David Zabel and Jason Richman, but it turned out to be one of the biggest flops in the history of the network.

Only two episodes of Lucky 7 aired before the show was canceled due to low ratings. Now could be a good time to revisit the series to see if it can pick up more viewers. This is because people in different markets around the world can now find it easier to relate to the lottery theme.

Why is Now a Good Time to Bring Back Lucky 7?

Lucky 7 is all about a group of gas station employees based in New York City who band together to play the lottery every week. They end up winning the jackpot and splitting it between themselves, but soon realize that their newfound wealth brings about fresh problems.

The idea of winning life-changing amounts of money is popular in entertainment, as it allows viewers to imagine what they would do in the same situation. More people than ever play the lottery now thanks to websites that offer lottery betting to players all over the world, meaning that a series about winning the lottery may appeal to a huge audience. For example, Indian players are now able to take part in lotteries in different countries using Lottoland Asia, which gives them access to some of the planet’s biggest lotteries including US Powerball and MegaMillions. Prior to the existence of sites like this, players had to live in the specific place in which a lottery was held.

Along with lotteries, streaming services that show western content are growing in popularity in emerging markets like India. It would make sense for more lottery-themed television series to drop in these regions to appease the growing number of lottery players.

Staying True to Original Series Could be a Wise Idea

One of the reasons for the failure of Lucky 7 could have been that it strayed too far from the premise of The Syndicate, the series upon which it was based. If the American version was to be brought back for modern audiences, it would be wise for the writers to stay true to the source material and use the same themes.

The Syndicate was a successful series in the UK that ran for four seasons and spanned 23 episodes. Each season focused on a different lottery-winning syndicate, with a fresh cast every time. Over the years, the offering from Kay Mellor featured some incredible actors including Timothy Spall, Matthew Lewis, and Siobhan Finneran. The only way to watch it is on BBC One, though, meaning that international audiences have missed out. That’s why an American version released on streaming platforms could be a hit.  

What Other Series Have Featured Lottery Wins?

There have been a few series based on lottery wins over the years, exploring what would happen to people who come into instant riches. Windfall was one of the most famous offerings, and it focused on a group of people who shared winnings of nearly $400 million.

Lottery wins often act as the premise for movies as well, with pictures like It Could Happen to You in 1994 and Lucky Christmas in 2011 both featuring people winning massive fortunes. They allow viewers to imagine what they would do if they were faced with the same situation.

Lucky 7 may have flopped simply because it was released at the wrong time and in the wrong format. Perhaps if it was brought back for streaming services and promoted to markets where the lottery is thriving, it would have a greater chance of success.