Sometimes it may feel like we are living in a flashpoint paradox. Considering the misfortunate events for The Flash actors Ezra Miller, and Ben Affleck’s Batman, it is almost surreal to see them in this new upcoming film. Many changes are expected to come for the DC Universe, and it is speculated by many that The Flash movie will be the reset for the DCEU.

Let’s begin with the spicy new addition of Sasha Calle playing Kara Zor El, a.k.a Supergirl. While many may be falling head over heels for the Hispanic representation portraying another superhero, others are not pleased that DC did not cast an exact rendition of the Supergirl known in the comics and shows. I can’t help but think of how this Supergirl hints towards a female version of Superman from the animated movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Especially in a scene from the trailer, it appears that Kara has been locked away since her arrival on Earth. Not only that, she is wearing a white prison-like uniform similar to the one Superman is wearing in the Flashpoint Paradox.

Interestingly enough, Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and Flashpoint Paradox came out ten years ago to the dot when 2023’s The Flash premieres. Coincidence? I think not! In the trailer, when 2023’s and 2013’s, Barrys thought she was Clark, she said, “I am Kara,” giving the speculation that in this new timeline, her younger cousin Kal-El did not make it to Earth. Therefore, the events that took place in Man of Steel will not be the same for the new timeline—leaving it up to Supergirl to defeat General Zod.

As for Batman, we get Ben Affleck’s Batman and will see Michael Keaton return as his Batman from the Tim Burton era. Given this detail, we get a glimpse in the trailer of his multiple versions of the Batsuit that if you pay close attention to them, you may recognize them as the original Batsuits Michael Keaton wore in the Tim Burton movies, different toys that we released, Adam West’s Batman from the ’60s and the iconic Blue and Gray bat-suit from the classic comics and 2008’s animated tv show The Brave and the Bold.

There are many new and exciting things to see for the upcoming movie The Flash, premiering in theaters on June 16, 2023. I can’t wait to see what DC has in store for us on this crazy wild ride through the DCEU Reboot. You can also check out TGON’s Youtube Channel for Mister Biggie’s thoughts on the Flash Trailer as well!