Last week, the hilarious, sometimes brilliant, sometimes sad You’re The Worst Season 2 came to a close in an adorable and satisfying way. This season has been a roller coaster. The Depression story line particularly was both harrowing and uplifting. Stephen Falk took some major risks and I’m so grateful that FXX has decided to bring the modestly-rated show back for another season so that we can see what else Falk has in store. But first, a recap of the finale: The Heart is a Dum Dum.

Fittingly, the finale takes place at a party thrown by Vernon and Becca, just as season 1 ended. This time, it’s a baby shower/gender reveal party. Can every season of You’re the Worst end with one of Vernon and Becca’s trainwreck parties? Complete with trash juice and karaoke, this party, like their last, is a mess of emotions and drunkenness, and at it’s heart are our quartet – Jimmy, Gretchen, Lindsay and Edgar.

Jimmy and Gretchen reunited last week and I’m happy to report there were no major blowout, nothing surprising to disrupt the status quo. Jimmy and Gretchen did finally have a real conversation about her depression and finally, he asked her about treatment (I’ve been begging for this for weeks!) Gretchen, in fact, has not sought treatment for her depression. She has relied on self-medication, unwilling to lose “her edge” by taking anti-depressants. Jimmy is frustrated and angered by this revelation, and spends the majority of the party getting wasted (going through all the levels of drunkenness from 1-5) so that someone can take care of him “for a change.” In the end, once he sobers up, Gretchen confides that she’s planning to see a doctor, because she’s in a relationship now and she’s in love (a reluctant declaration that both she and Jimmy make in the most understated fashion.) It’s a milestone for the couple, as they both let go of some of their selfishness in favor of forming a stronger relationship.

Elsewhere, Lindsay is indeed pregnant, and now Paul knows (thanks to Becca.) In the end, the two decide to give their marriage another try for the sake of the baby, but this is no happy ending. Lindsay is taking a huge step back by reuniting with Paul. The two were just not happy together, and a baby won’t fix anything. If anything, I anticipate that their problems will be magnified in Season 3, hopefully leading to a separation that sticks this time.

Finally, Edgar has second thoughts about moving in with Dorothy after he discusses it with Jimmy, and the two fight. Thankfully, despite what Edgar thinks, a fight does not necessarily mean a breakup. And although they’re going to slow down their relationship, they’re still together and going strong.

And so, season 2 of You’re the Worst comes to a close. The season, and particularly the final two episodes were so satisfying. Falk took some major risks this season, but we were rewarded with a truly unique show about the complexities of relationships. In lieu of my favorite one-liners, I leave you with an op-ed written by Falk himself, explaining why he tackled tYTWhe stories he did this year: Why I Tackled Mental Illness This Season on You’re the Worst.

I can’t wait to return for Season 3 in 2016! Please join me.